Who is Ookami Kasumi?
-- She's this chick who lives in a small apartment with her 3 cats, her computer, and her coffee machine. She chain-smokes Djarum Black cigarettes, writes for smut for a living under the name Morgan Hawke, while listening to movie soundtracks. In her spare time she make little games with the RenPy Visual Novel Engine.

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The Adventures of Prince...
A Russian Fairy Tale ~ Visual Novel




The background images are amazing as always with great style .. and it being real is a nice touch.

Still, playing this is repetitive and a little bit exhausting .. I cannot see the allure in exploring something which is only described as deep dark.
Thank you! However, you're right in that the text is a bit boring. (It's actually a lot more fun if you recite the story out loud.) Truthfully, the game was an experiment to see if I could make (read: Code) a maze game out of a bunch of photos.

Actually, almost all of my little games are experiments to build up experience for making a bigger game. What bigger game...? I haven't decided yet. ;)

The Story Generator

This thing is really good and useful! Thanks!
You did a great job! This thing is great source of writing ideas!

I'm thrilled you liked the Generator. It took almost a year to make the silly thing. I'm glad you find it useful!

But one bad thing - it uses only ONE storyline template.
-- I mean, "One day friend disappeared - enemy turned out to be new friend - together they will find out all the stuff about it".
I understand, how many work it takes...

Actually, it uses SIX different storyline templates. Each genre uses a different plot template.

...do you have any plans about make something like ... randomly-generated storyline template? One more time - thank you! This thing is great!

A randomized plot template? I hadn't thought of that. However, that would take a LOT of work because certain plot elements simply won't fit with certain other plot elements, and they all have to tie together at the end or they won't make a Story. I will definitely give this some thought though.

Looks interesting...

Thank you!
-- I hope you find it useful.

Exactly, the stories were really mad-libs.

Yes indeed they were, with the randomized element dropped into the plot-lines. It took months to get it all to work together.

The Story Generator Review

I'm glad you enjoyed my Generator!
-- Good suggestion on making the music fit the Genre rather than the Setting. I hadn't considered that they might actually clash with each other. It also appears that I need to shift a few things around. (Note to self: Too much butt-groping can be bad for the plot...) I definitely agree that using the ideas Raw isn't the best way to go. It's meant to be a tool for inspiration more than an Easy-Bake Story Maker.

Thank you for your very informative review!

-- OokamiKasumi

The END of the Raven Review

Thank you very much for reviewing my game!
-- I agree, it's much too short, but sadly that's the full length poem. As for 'lack of movement', I also agree, however, I wasn't quite sure how (or where) to add more. I decided to go with Less rather than More to avoid ruining it. However I would happily accept suggestions for improvements on it.

-- OokamiKasumi

The Story Generator

I finished reading a story, clicked the show me the credits button, then I started a new game. I got the following error:

Crap... I thought I fixed that stupid error!
-- To avoid it, after looking at the credits, restart the game.
What happened is that the link to go to the main page isn't going to the main page properly. There's a glitch somewhere deep in the code. Will get on that immediately.

Thank you for finding it!

The Story Generator

I was looking for ways to make an RPG Maker story (though I'm still a noob to creating games, I just got it yesterday) then I saw THIS and thought "...Hell yes!!" And I'm also a writer, well, writing hobbyist, but still, so this will be VERY useful! Thank you so much!

Excellent, and you're very welcome.
-- I like being useful.

The Story Generator

Well I tried this, and it's a nice idea but horrible executed, the stories made with this make no bloody sense!

-- When 90% of the content is randomly generated, of course it's going to be nonsensical! It's the writer's job to find a way to make the results into an actual story. :)

The Story Generator

This looks very interesting. Could make some pretty cool stories!
I'd like to try it for a horror game.

Well, select the Horror Genre and the Paranormal or Violence Action and see if it comes up with a story you can use. :)

The Adventures of Prince Ivan

Hi! I am Russian and just couldn't pass by your project. Now this is real gift on New Year for me! That was my opinion in whole.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Now the details.
Art: it is too magnificent for such tiny game...

What...?! LOL! I have seen much better art on much smaller games.

...but still it is really old good Slavic fashion which warms my heart, well, with a bit of animé.

I did indeed do quite a bit of research on what they actually wore back then. I'm glad you noticed! Yes, it's a little stylized, but then, this is a fairy tale.

About manga faces - they fit almost well, but eyes of main protagonists (Ivan, Wolframe and Elena), could be more simply cute not suspiciously taut (well that is how I see them).

Cute...? Err, I don't quite understand.

Music: I couldn't imagine how good Russian classical melody could fit in games, you kinda opened it for me. All samples you took excellently fit the moments, especially in tense situations.

I'm really glad you liked the music and the way I used it in the story. I adore classical music, and Stravinsky's in particular, so I wanted to show off its full potential.

Story: It's kind of comedy/drama mix which I really like. You took old fairy tale motives added modern comedy with some stuff to think about (for exmp. about wishes). Well it went out good enough. I enjoyed several routes of story (thanks for saving and skip options) and 2 endings already.

I'm thrilled that you liked what I did with the story.

Special thanks for Crush, Kill and Destroy!

You're very welcome. Sadly, no one gets that joke anymore.

And, yeah, I think that Baba Yaga's super oven saves that world...

I certainly think so!

...but I really long for real Man character. Maybe we'll see it in next part :) ?

Uh.... What is a "real man character"? I don't think I've heard that term before.
-- Wait... I'm making a next part? Are you serious? It took me over 6 months to make this one!

CC's Feedback

I limited myself to public feedback videos on this site to save time for personal projects.

I understand, really.

I'm enjoying your Visual Novels, so I'll probably keep an eye out for them when they're released.

Thank you!

Nice mouse lineart. Hope you get a tablet one day~

I have one. I just haven't been able to make the jump from pencil to pen mouse -- yet. My drawings come out seriously awful. I'm told it's simply a matter of practice, just like with a normal pencil.