It Moves

I shall have to listen to more feedback about reactions, then. I'll definitely be adding more interactive stuff, though (things like text when you examine stuff).

Of cool. I just sent to a PM a few seconds ago with a detailed report on my experience and I actually did mention wanting a bit more flavor text, so that's good to know~ I woulda' posted the report here, but it's full of spoilers and I didn't know the code to hide stuff, so I just mailed it to you.

It Moves

Probably going to work on adding more interactivity and reactions from the player character. Someone noted that it would add to immersion.

Actually, I found that the game can be made or broken by an active talking protagonist. Like in Ib, there was Garry who spoke a lot, but it didn't damage immersion at all, but there was also the Witch's house, where there wasn't a single line spoken until the very end, and it was terrifying.

But there are also games that try to add too much character, and their reactions just shatter the immersion for me. I just jumped out of my skin, I can assume my character shat himself too, I don't need my progress impeded by needless dialogue of them talking about how scary that was.

It's a balance you need to find, but is wholly dictated by the kind of game you're trying to make.

*Please note I have not played the demo yet, I will be doing so shortly to give feedback towards the puzzles*

It Moves

Thinking of adding a couple of puzzles. Yay or nay?

Totally! Just make sure that it's not so obscure the player is all "Why in the heavens would I ever think to do that?"

It Moves

I can't wait to see it finished, Snow owl. I've found myself a big fan of your games.~

Grandma's House

I can't seem to figure out how to get all the endings. I've gotten the pretty obvious good\bad ends by shooting grandma or letting her suffer, but how do you get the others? I found a strange box on the second floor that I apparently lit on fire with a match, but nothing happened.

(Highlight for spoilers)

Walkthrough and Version 2.0

I can't find a timestamp on when this post was made. Can you give us a rough ETA on when 2.0 will be out?
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