Life is an Illusion.


I'm not dead yet.

I'm alive I didn't get shot on the way to safeway.
My little brother (the one that is alive) typed some shit while I was in the bathroom.
SO in short....
I'm back.

I'm leaving

My dad just died.
I'm sad as hell.
So I'm leavin'.

The MC dies! Game Over.

In alot of games if the entire party dies its game over. I much prefer if the MC dies its game over. This makes that battles harder and it makes you want to buff up your party and protect your main character. I want to know what everyone thinks about this method. I personally love it.

My Game has not been Accepted yet

Hi. My game Everlast Chapters has not been accepted of three days and I have three screenshots and a working description. I'm simply curious on what is going on.

I'm fucking Screwed

I'm being sued by this old dude who claims I messed up his car.
I don't know why he thinks I messed up his car but I'm being sued for 500 dollars and I have to buy him a new wallet because he claims it was "Stolen".
So I'm fucking screwed

Looking for a Composer

I'm currently looking for a composer to do some music for my Game Teluna Everlast. I was wondering if anyone knows a good composer who will work for free. I'll just keep this short and sweet and end it off here.

My last post

My rpg maker VX has stopped working thus all my games are cancelled and my computer is on the verge of destruction. One more download my machine blows up. I can't load the actor data for any project and From 1 stupid game download a virus is unleashed into my project. I have 3 virus programs removing it as I type. Well this is my last Post.

Journal Log 1 Day 1 of The end of Teluna

CoT Needs a Title Screen

I need a title screen for Chronicels of Teluna.
I suck at making title screens. If anyone could help with a title screen
post back.

Edit: I no longer need a title screen.

Anyone Played Hellgate: London

Wonderful game. Diablo FPS. Sort of like Borderlands.
Interesting thing. No ammo. Your gun just recharges.
There are so many character builds and skills.
My character's class is a marksman.
My build is a sniper. I snipe demons using an FS-Posideon SR.
I also have a blessed Tridant Launcher.
If you have played this amazing game post your thoughts.

I Make Gamz and draw stuff

Hi I am Orpheus. I make RPGs in RPG Maker and Platinum Arts Sanbox.
I have looking at posts and stuff before I joined and so here I am.
Also I am Valis's Brother and he gave me Chronicels of Teluna so I am working on it now!
Hopefuly I can improve it.

Games I Play on My 360
The Orange Box-TF2
Sacred 2 Fallen Angel
Oh my Gamertag. Darkside Valen.
Games I Play on My Uber PC
RM Games

So I hope I have a fun time here.
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