I am an old, old, OLD salt with an impressive record of failed projects and assorted non-game-related dramas.

However, I do usually mean the best with my criticisms.

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The official English 2k3 version is out!

sweet merciful shit

Legend of Amara

As promised, here's another runthrough of things now that I have the correct font installed.

* Monotype Corsiva isn't a standard font, or at least not in my version of Windows 8.1. Consider either making a note on the gamepage or including a README with the fact that the font is required. Or include it in the fonts folder, one of the two.
* Check your PM's for the spelling/grammar errors I've found.
- You say the item shop is accessible and that you've tested it extensively. Try entering it before going to the marsh or to the forest. I'm pretty sure this is not intended behavior. Thinking on it, we may have a bit of a misunderstanding because when I say item shop I mean the place on the map marked with the item shop insignia, and not the actual merchant in Malory's hut.
* I have no idea what's causing this to happen during battles on an enemy's turn. Something to look into.
- The bars in battle say "PHP" and is referenced as such in spell descriptions but the resource is called "TP" when choosing to use a skill.
- The battle against the spiders is a pretty difficult one even at the recommended average of 5, especially if the player misses the availability of Fire Balm and/or the Poison in town like I did on my first save. Consider giving a gentle nudge from Lillian about either of the items or potentially both when she first joins. "Are we going hunting? I need some balm for my bow" or similar when she first joins, maybe?


re: cheevo spam, how about combining the sets into long-term achievements after the contest is over? For example, the people who got RMN would get an "RMN PLAYS: RMN" achievement with the description "Collected a full set of RMN during the RMN PLAYS event".


A bulletpoint list of nitpicks and suggestions for The Vallenfell Chronicles.

Kylaila, I think the issue is more "why is it named Tess" rather than "what in the world is it used for?".

Legend of Amara

Another bullet-point nit-pick bonanza, comin' right up!

- I appreciate that you put in a controls tutorial, but I think it'd be better served as being integrated into the gameplay instead of being just put in text boxes at the start.
- I'm seeing at least three spelling/grammar errors and one dialogue that gets slightly cut-off due to length in just the first conversation.
* Actually, now that I think about it, the font I'm seeing and the font in your screenshots doesn't match, even after installing the fonts in the Fonts folder. Not sure if this is on your end or mine.
+ The butterflies flying around the first map are a nice touch.
- Nearly every other person I talk to has waaaaay too much text that overflows the dialogue box, by a fairly significant margin so that I'm fairly sure it'd be doing it even if the font were displaying correctly. Be mindful of this sort of thing.
+ The "Talk" text above people you can talk to is a nice touch, but...
- ... it shouldn't appear unless the NPC has something to say. There's a guard standing by the Inn that has no dialogue but the sprite still attempts to turn and face Elena for a brief moment.
- Trying to go south from the Smithy, which looks like it should be possible, results in absolutely no feedback.
- Trying to enter the item shop results in you being placed on the wall of the shop and unable to get into the actual shop. You are then unable to leave and have to reload from last save.
- The map transition between the last screen of the town and Malory's Marsh is a bit jarring in that you're going right and then all of the sudden you're facing down with a solid rock wall to your right.
* The battles are fairly bog-standard from the few I did. I'll finish the demo at a later point with a bit more of an eye on the battle mechanics for more feedback here.

I'm going to stop here for now since I have to go take care of a few real-life things, but here's a few takeaways from my brief playsession:
* Consider having somebody proofread your dialogue. There's a lot of spelling and grammar errors in here.
* What font is the game supposed to be using? If it's not the VL-Gothic/VL-PGothic files included in the extract, then what?
* There is a LOT of dialogue too long for the boxes and I'm almost positive this would still be an issue even if the font were displaying correctly.
* I actually kind of like what I'm seeing so far once the game gets a little TLC to fix the issues I've pointed out here. I'll make another pass later with some more general advice.

Middle School RPG V1.4 Review

I didn't make this game. I merely reviewed this game. So shouldn't your question be why did I play this game and decide to review it?
MY question is how you could make such a terrible game! Now that everyone talks negatively about it you try to pretend you hadn't made it at all. Nice try. Right at the Developer section of the game page it says "thesacredlobo". Just own up to it, dude. Stop lying to the public.

Except it doesn't?


Hartacon Tactics

Okay, you may want to take a look at your code and figure out why both Chrome and Windows 8.1 tried to prevent me from opening and playing this game, right out of the gate.

I'm playing with a mouse and keyboard and all the instructions assume an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller with no available option to switch. Yes, I'm aware it's alpha, but this might be something you want to consider being a bit more clear about one way or the other.

The gameplay itself is solid so far, but you may also want to consider putting in either a sound effect or an animation (or both) when you use the map rotation feature, because it is a bit jarring to press a button and suddenly your view has rotated 90 degrees. (In fact it took me a few times to realize that I wasn't actually teleporting the active character across the map when I pressed Rotate.)

Otherwise the graphics are pretty good and the music is decent. I'll keep an eye on this one too.


Alright I've been a member of this site for 7 and a half years I think maybe I should actually start actively participating in stuff more often.

Lionheart live playthrough thoughts.

More to come (and even some that's not me playing Legion's stuff, which I know will come as a shock).

edit: vvv That wouldn't be very sporting considering our history. In fact I came very close to not even mentioning I did Lionheart, but figured it's fairly obvious I had nothing to do with this project.


Otokonoko out of fucking NOWHERE with a live playthrough nitpick list.

- As already noted and recognized by the creator himself, the portions of the exposition taking place on the map background need a textbox to be readable. I would argue this also applies to the descriptive text shown when you first examine a save point.

- During the exposition going over the long journey, the audio seems to have an annoying glitch right at the start that makes it VERY notable when the song loops.

- Upon further investigation it appears I can occasionally trigger a very annoying sound by advancing dialogue during this sequence. What the eff.

- "This sneaking and sulking is possibly only..." - pretty sure that's supposed to be "possible".

- The first chest in the caves, near as I can tell, contains absolutely nothing useful as an equipment upgrade apart from the money. Intended, or just a result of giving better equipment as part of the demo?

- Not sure if it's necessary to have a separate notification of levelling up and learning new skills when the new skills show up both times.

- I didn't have any troubles with the battles as of the version I downloaded 12/7/14. Only had somebody get KO'd once and that was just because I wasn't paying attention rather than "holy fuck that thing just one-shot me." Also the rate of BP gain feels really low but given that even the first available break art wrecks faces almost too much to be allowed maybe it's for the best.

- In general I feel like everything starts to blend together after awhile, graphically. I had troubles picking out the two chests in the boss-fight area.

- Speaking of the boss fight, there's a bit of a jarring transition after you beat it in that the game returns to the dialogue boxes with the Stranger and the party conversing for a brief moment before the screen flashes and fixes itself to be the party going "what the hell they TELEPORTED?!"

- Additionally I had to move off the spot and move back on to trigger the ropes and end the demo.

I liked it overall and realize it's early going so I'll be watching.