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RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

Does this site have a mobile version? Every now and then I check up here on my phone.


Not so much seizure inducing, but it gives me headaches after playing for sometime. So many bright colors are bad for the eyes...

All Hallows' Event

How long does it take for a game to get accepted?

The Unwelcome Guest

I wonder how many ways I'm going to get killed in this game. Kinda guilty of being a thrillseeker. ;p

super long mega friendship post

KS still doesn't want people who live outside the US and/or don't have a credit card. I'd love to pump some moneys into this, but KS no like moneys! Even IGG supports PayPal... Shame.

I heard that they might be changing that due to the growing popularity.

super long mega friendship post

Kickstarter has been busy eating through my money, showing off such interesting game projects. Aw well, that money would have probably been used for fast food.

All Hallows' Event

Are we talking spooky abduction-aliens, or friendly blue Mass Effect aliens? I can't speak as an authority on this, but as long as the game is giving off a spooky/creepy/Halloween-y vibe, you should be okay.

More like, in the movie aliens. The creepy killer kind.

All Hallows' Event

Do aliens count for this genre? Does anyone know?

All Hallows' Event

Sign-ups for Forest Map Madness are here and ready to be joined~

We already have our first map back! Graphics are supplied on the game page and your name needs to be added. You don't need to do anything fancy, just one map!


So its like an event within an event? What would one call this?

Why rm2k3 is terrible for action games

I'm wondering if this was the cause of why people wanted to make an action game.