I'm a student from Paraguay that likes to design and play a lot of games.

Having said that, I've also made sprite animations in the past and I'ms till doing some when I have time.

Here's a link to my Newgrounds page: http://osatouchiha.newgrounds.com/
Temple of Memories
Escape the old ruin that you have been trapped in.




Seems they forgot to pay the plumber's bill again.


Getting Chrono Trigger vibes from this world map for some reason.

We must be doing something right then.


Although it may AGAIN be redesigned in the end. The lack of symmetry in that room containing the state of the First Hero just seems iffy to me.

Welp, for now I'd say just focus on moving forward with other maps and other stuff and revisit this map later, it looks pretty good as it is.


Truly a new realm of Heroes.

Summer Offensive

I don't know what features you had planned, but, if this is GTBS, I can only wish you the best of luck. I hated working with/against that system for the two games I made with it.

Actually, the troop movement system is an entirely homebrew system wth the exception of it having TheoAllen's Pathfinding script for the enemy movements.

Valentiny Event

Zoom zoom. Rollin with Zorga and the ...something crew.

I will never again mak gam with Delsin from now on.

Marrend! You are now my partner in crime. (Please)

Valentiny Event

Eh, guess I'll join this, no idea if I'll actually finish it though xD

Summer Offensive

This is a pretty neat concept but, unfortunately, it isn't playable yet. Enemies don't move during their turns and the "Players Turn" message spawns twice during my own turn. Hopefully, there will be an updated version soon.

Delsin and I are working on a more updated version with all the proper features implemented on at least 1 to 2 maps for now.

Summer Offensive

The original DEMO version for the Seasons of RMN III event was bugged and we've uploaded a fixed version. The DEMO is still a far cry from the finished product, but Delsin and I are gonna keep working on it to make the game we had envisioned for the event.

Seasons of RMN III

Thank you so much for the upload Grace Libby! I already added the upload of our game to the event uploads.

For any of you that liked our game, rest assured that Delsin and I will keep working on it in the coming weeks! >_<)b

Congrats to everyone that managed to finish in time!