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Pocket Mirror Classic (2...
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!



Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Wonderful, polished game! Definitely reminded me of a lot of previous Japanese indie RPGs, and the artwork/movies/music are gorgeous. I only had time to get ending 1 for now, though.

Just a few minor pain points:
  • I agree about the lead-in to the mirror chase scene being too tedious after a while. I can see how it makes a nice tense build-up but it's a merciless 3 minutes lost per misstep.

  • Shorter 'pumpkin charm get' animations - nice to know I picked a few charms up but after the 50th notification I find myself slightly wishing to not wait 5 seconds to get back into the game - interrupts the flow of the experience a bit too much for me.

Most of the bugs had to do with bitmaps not loading (?) during a few screen transitions, crashing the game; restarting fixed it though (and usually didn't require much redoing) - it may just be my computer but I haven't had other RPGMaker games do this. The puzzle with the bell/dog bark/chirping was sort of glitchy for me but wasn't particularly annoying - sometimes I'd end up with 2 death scenes in a row but be able to open up the menu in between. The may have been a few others but they weren't bothersome enough for me to remember :P

That list's sort of long but those are just nits. Again, it was a great experience overall; the assets, writing, and programming really came together to make something awesome :D. Kudos to an astounding first release!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We've noticed the pumpkin charm animations were a bit too long, so we will be fixing that in the next build as well! ( ^ 0 ^ )

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

I really like PM so far, but you guys need to something about the mirror chase scene. It's not that bad, but it takes about a minute or a bit more to actually start the chase scene which takes awhile itself. It's not that hard to die in the chase scene, so you have to repeat that walk over and over. It's kind of making me rage a bit, not sure if it is for anyone else, but the minute walk with dash disabled gets old reaaaallly quick.

We're aware of that problem and will be fixing it in the next build! ( ' V ' ) Thank you so much for letting us know!

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Does anyone know how to get the other 50% of the songs for this game? I only have 46% of them after getting the good and bad ending.

You'll have to get all the endings with all the characters and get all of the available final endings to unlock all of the tracks!

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Finally beat it. Got end 1. I don't know if I'll replay to get the other endings but the game is certainly very good and I'm finishing uploading the let's plays on my channel.

My only issue that was the most annoying was the crashing at random. Everything else would be me nitpicking the game for small problems I have with it.

Great game. =) I enjoyed it a lot!

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed it! ( ' V ' )♥

Announcement from Pocket Mirror Team!

It's good that you've acknowledged the file size as an issue and plan to address it quickly. To the players, that's a great sign that the devs are listening. :)

I think a lot of devs under-estimate the impact that large filesizes can make on an otherwise good game. I've found in the past that large downloads can deter potential players; heck, I've had people tell me a 200 MB game was too much of a hassle for them.

Thank you so much for understanding! We're simply very inexperienced devs so this is a new learning experience for us!

We're trying our best at both managing all of our social media accounts and finding solutions to fix the known issues with the game! Hopefully we will be able to release a much lighter version of the game soon! ( ' w ' )/

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

This looks very interesting! Cannot wait. Where are the team behind it from? I'm wondering because you need to be fluent in portuguese to be a tester :3

The majority of our team members come from a lot of different places but the creators evilhairbrush and kiramekirai are from Portugal as well as Draxicor the programmer, Azureflux one of the composers, Nuei and aruH both voice actrecess for the game. You don't need to be fluent in portuguese to be a beta tester although that's one of the options! (●´∀`●) Thank you so much for your support!

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Thank you all for your support and criticism, we honestly do appreciate all of your comments and hope you will like the full version of Pocket Mirror! (*^▽^*)

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Well, i've tried the demo so.. let me say something.

First, the arts.

The characters are incredibly drawn, the enviroments are also incredible.

And next, the musics.

The background musics are great, and the sounds effects are okay.

The gameplays?

Yeah, i've spent a few minutes- wait, ten minutes, maybe.

For a demo, the gameplays were surely attractive.

I can't wait for the full game.

This game looks like a game with an interesting plot.

/P.S/You need a RPGVXAceRTP to run this game, just- ignore this line/

Thank you so much for your criticism, we really appreciate it! We're glad you liked our demo! ヾ((○*´∀`*))ノ゙

( ✌’ω’)✌ Upcoming Livestream! ✌(‘ω’✌ )

We'll be hosting the livestream for three full hours! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Thank you for your support, we sure hope you enjoy it!
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