Hello, I am the creator of Hell Gates 1 and 2. I am also known under the nickname "Valadurs Erbe". "Valadurs Erbe" is the German subtitle of the game Hell Gates 2. It can be translated with the words "Valadur´s Legacy" or "Valadur´s Heir". This also gives the subtle hint that I am living in Germany.

I also enjoy immensely playing all kinds of games. I prefer games with complex mechanics and relatively fast pace (but my reflexes are not as good as they were, damn age). I tend towards games with medieval or fantasy settings. I also like a good challenge and imaginative worlds to explore.
Hell Gates
ActionRPG inspired by Secret of Mana and Zelda



Hell Gates 2

Hello agfonzer and thank you for taking the time to make these screenshots. I imagine that there are even more of them hiding out there. So I will collect the reports and then release a fix.


Hell Gates

Yeah the translation takes an overwhelming amount of time. I will write more about it in the following days. For the moment, I am happy to tell that Hell Gates 2 was accepted by and is now available for download.

Here is the Hell Gates 2 Page

Thanks for noticing that the latest version of Hell Gates was missing form the Wiki. I added it today. About your bug with the game page, I don´t know whats going on there, maybe the game just has less priority over the older, more established ones?

Hell Gates Review

Good news: Hell Gates 2 Version 1.6 is now available for download. Chapter 1 is fully translated (approx. 6 hours of playtime).

Hell Gates 2 Page

Hell Gates

There was an introduction, 4 main chapters and a secret chapter (kind of endgame, true ending).

Thank you for the kind words :) That was back in the days on

Hell Gates Review

Hi aquatorrent, thank you for putting so much time and effort into writing this great review. I am glad that you enjoyed your journey through the game (for the most part).

To solve some of your questions about the more cryptic features: the icons during class promotion show the improvements that your character receives. The first screen shows your attributes, we see that your new class will have slightly more HP and defense. The second symbol shows the potential new spells you will be able to learn. And the two symbols in the lower row show that your attack gauge will fill up faster after you attack (first symbol) and after you get hit (second symbol).

Enemies attacking after your special attack is a behaviour I wasn´t able to fix. Weird things started to happen when I tried to mess around with it.
During the doppelganger fight, the special attack is intended to hit you since your companion can no longer tell who is who in this fight.

About your biggest point of criticism, the lack of text, I have some interesting news. Hell Gates 2 didn´t have the restrictions of the first game. The game is already completed but the language is German. I started a translation project and the first chapter of Hell Gates 2 is now fully translated into English. The game is currently pending approval here on RPG and I hope it will soon be approved.

Hell Gates

Hello aquatorrent,

the numbers show you in which order you have to active the switches in the other room.

[Review Request]

Name: Hell Gates
Status: Completed game
Genre: RPG with action combat
Estimated length: approx. 15 hours
Small description: Hell Gates is an action-RPG that takes most of its inspiration from Secret of Mana (combat and overworld) and Zelda (puzzle-heavy dungeons). The game does not contain a single letter since that was the rule for the international contest it was designed in.
Special requests: Since this is an RPG without a single letter in it, it can be tough without knowledge of common RPG mechanics. To help you out, there is a manual (English and German) in the game folder. Also, I created a tutorial video if you just can´t get the hang of the combat system:

Hell Gates 2 Translation Progress Report 03/17/2018

Hello NeverSilent,

thank you for your encouraging words. Text as pictures is a brutal thing. Of course, over a decade ago I couldn´t imagine that I would someday translate the whole game. Although there is not much choice in some cases due to the RPG Maker limitations. For the pictures, I had to redraw the letters and align them pixel perfect on the screen. Of course, that resulted in the letters being all over the place and having to be moved by hand around the screen. There were some rage-inducing moments in there ;)

The Sequel to Hell Gates is getting an English Translation

Keeping so many websites up-to-date with the latest progress reports is a bit tricky. At least, I posted a blog entry with the last progress reports summarized.

The Sequel to Hell Gates is getting an English Translation

Hi NeverSilent,

that´s a very interesting article you linked there. I have already tried a few of these things, but not all of them. This means that there are a lot of things to try out in the upcoming weeks.

The thing about being more of a developer platform is an issue because developers tend to focus on their own game rather than playing the games of other people. But finding a more player-focused website is a challenge.
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