A not-so-almighty illustrator. I animate, too.

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A short but witty adventure game in which you help a potion maker get to his shop.



The Winners of Misaos 2015

Congrats all! : D Very well-deserved.


He is not! I've yet to play Shovel Knight. The actual inspiration behind his design is kind of silly--my dad's business sells a kind of plague mask similar to Craig's, and sometimes when I'd do events with him, I'd wear one to advertise. They can't be worn with glasses (which I have), but glasses do fit/are usable over the top...! I thought it'd be a cute design detail for a character, and then Craig developed out of that.

The Japanese Justice System

The system over there's pretty harsh. If you're wondering about prisons, too, an Australian fellow living in Japan wrote a fascinating 10-part series about his time being arrested and having to get himself out of jail:

Pretty interesting read, albeit a bit unnerving.

『SPEEDPAINT』 - The Suspicius Girl

This is so lovely! You have a beautiful style.

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

This looks fantastic and I adore the style. Insta-subbed B)


Oh gosh this was wonderful! Thanks so much for playing it, I'm so honored to have it LP'd!
And yes, one day we will see what's past Henrietta! I've already started on development for the full version :) Town and all!

VX Ace or MN?

Thankfully there are plugins already that help with (some of) MV's above mentioned drawbacks (analog/ultimate/etc movement, extra character frames, etc), but they're still drawbacks nonetheless.

The main aspect that MV has over the other versions is its platform versatility (exporting for pc, mac, web, and with extra effort android & iOS). If you aren't interested in that, it was likely a wiser decision to stick with VXA, which is easier to learn and has a more complete-feeling documentation (plus sales, yay!).

[RMMV] Animated Battle Scenes

Anyways, I received a suggestion for adding "multiple" layers of images.
For example, instead of just being battle backgrounds, you could potentially have foreground images (that would cover the actor/enemy sprites)

This plugin sounds fantastic. The test video already got me excited, but multiple layers sounds even better. The overall concept already grants so much room for creativity! :)

Maybe an option of even having the background as a series of animated frames?


You may want to check the desk, then! (note both ends of it can be examined)


Thanks! <:
Have you acquired/checked both potion recipes (it takes a couple clicks to get to item descriptions from the menu, but they're in there!)? That usually helps!
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