A not-so-almighty illustrator. I animate, too.

Find my art and whatnot at:
A short but witty adventure game in which you help a potion maker get to his shop.


Hi there!

HELLO. I'm Pai--I'm a freelance artist by day and... also an artist by night. I've already started getting into the site having submitted a game and whatnot, but I only just realized that there are also forums! Huzzah.

I've been using rpgmaker for a number of years, but since MV's been out I've been using it quite a lot more, as it finally comes for my OS (hi I'm a mac, please forgive me). I'm not the best at overall game design, as my strengths lie in polish and small details (and visuals, I guess), but that doesn't keep me from trying and enjoying the process!

Anyway; wonderful to meet everyone! <:
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