Party 2! Review

Hiya there!

Thank you for the review, it's a shame you didn't play it a little later, you would have been able to play the updated version!

Oh well!

Thanks again!

Party 2!

Wow, this game was really surprising, it was a bit like Oneshot and Hello Hell...o, but taken to the extreme. Maybe it has some faults, but I couldn't see them because I was completely engrossed in the gameplay and the atypical choices in design (with a mention to a short 3D segment). About the story, let's say that it's not that important, but I think there's definitely something going on.

Is the sister a ghost taking revenge on Ellie?

But the point is, the game surprised me, and I thought nothing would surprise me after Donald Trump's victory (I mean, how did that happened?):)

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Not a ghost, but taking revenge on her. For a reason that I believe you have wrong...

Party 2! Review

@InfectionFiles I understand, I placed a large "This program may be detected as a virus" warning on the game page.

@pianotm The game opens notepad, no existing notepads, it creates it's own notepad documents to open. It does not interact with any existing files on the user's computer. The game uses built in rpg maker commands to open notepad, it doesn't change notepad at all, it simply uses it. If you installed the game, played it, and deleted it, there would be absolutely no way for you to tell that it was there.

Party is completely self contained, it exists in it's folder and that is all it knows. Everything it does it does to it's own folder.

For example, of the 417 people who played the game on my gamejolt page no one has complained of it being a virus or doing something malicious/damaging to their computer

Although, if you are worried, you could do what zakariya did and use a VM, but it is not necessary.

Party 2! Review

Aww, thank you zakariya!

I appreciate you enjoying the game, it's a shame that all these technicalities are bringing it down :(

The game has no viruses what so ever, everything strange it does it does to freak you out, nothing it does can harm you at all. Many have played and none have reported anything, you may even disect all of the files (The game's not encrypted for technical purposes) and you will find nothing malicious, and it is a shame that people think it is :(. The antivirus most likely states this because party creates text files (To manage where you are in the game) and deletes them (most likely what made the anti-virus freakout)

Avg is finicky, I reccomend disabling it to continue playing, and re-enabling it afterward, because again, it is a shame that many like it, but something technical always stumps the reviews somehow :( . Although I do wish that since you had an error that no one else seemed to have that you would have given it no rating rather than a low one, but it's your review, and if you believe that the game is deserving of this rating, so be it.

But, I'm happy you enjoyed what you could, but I don't know what is wrong with yours over others who have played it and had no problem.

Oh well.

Thanks for reviewing, and if you choose to follow these steps, I hope you revise your review!

Reviews for reviews!

My apologies!

Reviews for reviews!

Hiya there everyone! I decided to start a little thingamabob for the forums!

Basically, you post a link to your game below, and I'll put it on this handy dandy list, where people will play and review your game, and in turn, you will review theirs!

Post it like this:

- - -

The list:

  • Party 2! - Partytime - 30 minutes to an hour - Horror

A bit of an odd situation.

I like that you're encouraging more reviews, and that you encouraged me to try the updated game!

*Edit: There used to be a thread for review exchanges. In other words, a "you review my game, I review yours" kind of deal. I don't think that thread is used anymore, but, it might be a consideration for you to look into other games that are looking for reviews, and make an offer.

Thank you! I will take that into consideration!

Party 2! Review

Hiya there!

I acted a bit too aggressively in my other comment, and realised I could just fix it!

I apologize, and fixed up the game, I removed the save wiping and some other stuff, and I ask that you please revisit and revise your review accordingly!

Thank you!

Party 2! Review

Thanks for the review!

There is no bug silly, take a look at the spoiler free walkthrough on the gamepage!

I look forward to seeing your updated review : )

Party 2! Review

Honestly, I feel as if you didn't give the game a chance! You really require all the endings to actually finish the game, the game even goes through hoops to make sure the game becomes shorter after you get an ending.

It seems you found out about one thing you disliked and didn't bother to play the rest.

EDIT: See other post. I acted out a bit :|
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