Nocturne: Rebirth (English)

Game looks good, but I can't play it. I guess it's because I'm on Windows 10. Open it up, game stays at a black screen, and freezes. Music plays, but that's it. ; ;

Why your name?

I was just thinking about peace and chaos one day. Neither can exist without the other. If Chaos never existed, Peace wouldn't exist. Peace is the lack of chaos and chaos is the lack of peace, so if say chaos didn't exist, there would be no way to define peace..and vice versa. Yeah... >_>

Hi Guys. :3

If any of you are interested in video walkthroughs, Let's Plays, random gameplay videos, unboxings, and an ASMR video here and there, check out my YouTube channel. :3

I currently do some Path of Exile, Dissidia 012, Dungeons of Dredmor, Grand Fantasia, Trine 2..and other stuff. I may be doing way too much now that I think about it, haha. Give it a look, if you like. =]

Turning every dungeon into a challenge

Sounds like a great idea.

Xenoblade Chronicles Is Out! Protip: Buy it

Pre-order only? Looks like I'll never get to play it as I do not have the money currently. Grr!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Dragon Quest IX.


I feel the new to caption this screenshot.

"What am I doing on this side of the river?! I need to get over THERE!" *Oblivious to the fact there's a bridge a few steps to the south* "Ahh! What will I do?!"

Final Fantasy Essence


This looks very nice!