Hi Guys. :3

If any of you are interested in video walkthroughs, Let's Plays, random gameplay videos, unboxings, and an ASMR video here and there, check out my YouTube channel. :3

I currently do some Path of Exile, Dissidia 012, Dungeons of Dredmor, Grand Fantasia, Trine 2..and other stuff. I may be doing way too much now that I think about it, haha. Give it a look, if you like. =]

Looking for a game to play..

Preferrably 25-30+ hours long. No VX/XP games, only because my computer is old and they tend to lag for me. I've tried Hero's Realm, but for some reason that lags for me, too.

I've played Legacies of Dondoran, Shadows of Evil, Paradise Blue, and Alter Aila Genesis. I'm sure I've played others. No satirical games either, please. Thanks in advance. :]

So, Final Tear 3

Seems to be gone completely from the site now.

Skyrim looks awesome.

Good games without heavy profanity?

What are some good, long (20 hours+) RPG Maker games without ridiculous profanity?

Phantasia 4 problem

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but I was playing, and got into the first battle. The enemy attacked and the game crashed due to missing the claw1 file. Does anyone have a working download for this game?

Some things I would like to see in games.

In many, many RPGs you will have those certain human villains, that when you defeat them in battle, they run away, teleport away, or laugh at the pitiful damage you've dealt them and say they'll let you live for now.

I would like a spin on this. After you've "defeated" them and they try to get away, either the hero or one of his entourage hurls a bladed weapon at the enemy, either stabbing them in the back, or decapitating them.

The Legend of Dragoon was some-what like this. Dart ended quite a lot of boss battles with a finishing blow. It's a little different as the enemies weren't usually running in these cases, but I like the fact that Dart actually goes for victory rather than stand around and wait to see what happens.

Another thing I enjoy, which I sadly do not see in many games are medievil games based on war where you're part of a faction and you rise in ranks and power. Sure, there are some RPGs where you're part of an army, but something will always happen where you're kicked out, or you'll find out that the army you're working for is some big bad evil.

It would be awesome if at the start of the game you could either join up with a faction, or are already part of it as a low rank, and through optional missions you could increase your fame and rank in the militia. Since it's optional, you could complete the game without ever ranking up. Ranking up could change how people treat you.

Some people obviously would hate you the more renowned you become, and others would praise you for your work. Being at a higher rank could unlock sidequests, shops, areas, free transport, skills, and there could be extra characters to recruit you based on your rank.

Oh how I wish I were a game designer..Having ideas with no talent saddens me.

Looking for games..

That have a decent amount of customization when it comes to classes/equipment/stats and stuff. Doesn't have to have completely custom graphics, but molding my characters how I want them is nice. Some examples of games I like are..

Legacies of Dondoran - Love that skill system!

Legionwood - Love the stat system
Other games I've played (Just so they don't get recommended..)
Dragon Fantasy games
War of Two Worlds ( Playing this currently. )
Hero's Realm (Playing currently)
Passage of the Hollow Moon (Playing currently)
Alter Aila Genesis
Balmung Cycle
Paradise Blue
Dungeon Quest
Saga Mara Talon
Prelude of Identity
Vacant Sky
Lexima Legends IV
Symphonic Rhapsody

Also, I want a fairly lengthy game. Nothing less than 10-12 hours or so.

I hate when things get over explained..

A lot of games I've played on RPG Maker will have extremely redundant dialogue. Are a lot of people catering these games towards idiots? A plot point will be discussed, or where to go next, and it's like they make every character get in on saying the same line, but in a different way.

I mean, come on. I only need something explained once. Not 4 times, all in different ways. "Hey, we should head there now." "You're right, let's go there now." "We better go, we don't have time." "Alright, let's go there now" <-- Not necessary!

Treasure chests!

I'm tired of useless chests in video games. Especially when I realize I missed one by taking the path I need to go to advance further, and a chest is on the path I didn't take. So I go back, open it, and it's something like 50 zenny, or a potion. This is okay at the start of a game. I hate this in the middle or near the end of a game.
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