Hey DJC, how's it going. I have another summer, another couple of months of very little work ahead, so why not give everlong another run.

Do you have a release date for next update ? or any upcoming big update to the game ?
Any other ongoing projects worth downloading or giving a try ?


I managed to find a way to replicate the crash with DynBattleChoices. It happened before and after I applied the last patch you made.

I used 3 times in a row Elemental Cross with Justin, and everytime I usted that attack a third time in the same battle, it would crash. It didn't happen if I used that specific attack in every battle, but it does during boss fights. Allthough the last time I checked if it crashed it happened after like 8 attacks.
I also think it happened ONLY if the boss had Armor break on him, and maybe it did to much damage ?

This is the only fight/moment I was able to replicate the bug, and for now it seems only Justin was causing it. If you have any other question on how to replicate the bug or what I'm doing in this fight please ask.


Sorry the crashes continue, I know that's a frustrating experience. Could you take a screenshot or type out the full error message next time it occurs? There is no "DynBattle" plugin, but there is "DynBattleChoices", "DynBattleDisplay", and "DynBattlerChange" plugins. None of those were written by me. I'd have to try contacting the author if there's any chance the bug could be troubleshooted. Until then I'm including a warning about crashes on the patch download page.

Are any other players encountering this crash during play? How frequently does it occur, and under what circumstances?

I'm currently only addressing critical bug fixes. No more updates are planned, but I've said that before and changed my mind. I'm tired of spending time on the project after almost two decades. The engine is ancient, and using DynRPG plugins to address old issues creates new problems, as you've experienced. The game's popular days are also long past. I would prefer to be the only developer, and cannot imagine anybody else taking over and understanding how the project was put together.

I was working on a potential RMMV project, but haven't updated the design document in awhile. I've lost interest and don't have enough time to dedicate to such a major undertaking. I also don't believe the interest or market exists for such a game. There's too much competition and it's extremely difficult to differentiate RPG Maker games these days, especially graphically.

Its definitely DynBattleChoice(numbers) every time it crashes. I will put up a screenshot next time.

The more I advance through the game the more questions I come up with. I dont remember the game being this difficult at least after I get the ship. Is the game much harder now than before ? I remember the first time I completed it, I never discovered Isla del Sol up until I hit endgame, so I didnt have any special items or weapons.
Also, everytime I finish a battle in Isla del Sol with a character equipped with a shard accesory, I get a message that says "all your skills are unequipped because of overage" and have to equip them all over again.


When the game crashed (and still crashes sometimes lol, sorry) it says something like Plugin DynBattle(lots of numbers) stopped working or something like that. It always happens during battle though, maybe certain combination of spells+status triggers the crash. Autosave is a huge lifesaver.

Is 3.33 the final update for Everlong or are you planning to put something else ? (besides bugfixes) Or maybe even let someone else do some work on the game for you.

Also, if you are making any other games atm please let me know.


I've never experienced crashing due to the same condition on multiple or all allies, but there are some new plugins specific to the current version that could inadvertently be responsible. Only the "Burn" condition has caused this behavior?

If you haven't played Everlong in many years, you'll find dialog and story changes throughout the plot, but the largest revisions take place from the start until reaching Eridwell's Refuge, which you are now well beyond Many more changes and additions were intended, but I ran out of time and motivation to continue making alterations.

Well that happened to me a few times during the first part of the game, after meeting Meredith, Logan etc it stopped.
Have you ever considered adding better portraits for the main characters ? They are waaay to pixelated. I loved how the witch in that tower deep in the forest had various face expressions while talking (and also the voice lines during her attacks). Or was it to much work to put a different portrait each time another line of text appeared? IMO the best portraits/faces are from Keen and Brad/Altair


Sorry, this bug is totally my fault. I knew I should have tested the short story sequence in the Herbtown pub after altering the map to catch errors like this.

I've updated the patch file with a fix. Download a fresh copy and install it by overwriting all the old files. The pub map should now have extra space below the table and chairs, preventing the hero from becoming stuck in the wall.

Let me know if you find any others during your play through. It's good to know somebody is trying the new version so I can be confident in the beta patch before updating the main install package.

No major bug after this one, although sometimes when many or all of the party members become BURN the game sometimes crashes.
Also did you remake the first few segments of the game to make them more interesting ? I've already reached Dragon Drakkalfar (I switched to version 3.32 to fix the Herbtown bug and then continued the rest of the playthrough in 3.33) and dont seem to find new "reworked" areas. Though I do find some dialogues here and there that have been tweeked for the better.


Hey DJC, again thank you for putting such effort to this magnificent old game. I last played it around 2010 so after all these updates I definitely wanted to give it another run. But I encountered a game breaking bug right after I get to Herbtown inside a cart. When I go to talk to this guy at the pub to progress the mission, right after the dialogue finishes, my character goes one step back and gets stuck in the wall and cannot move...

Is there any chance you could give me a solution or provide me a save file of that moment in the storyline ? I run Win 7 with fx-8350 r9 270x just in case...

Here is a pic of where I'm stuck

EDIT: I'm also running the last version of the game 3.33
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