[DynRPG] CMS Tools: Global Save Data

Yeah, this one's a bit complicated and maybe ill-conceived. It's essentially a file to store extra data to describe save files without having to read individual save files (or SaveXX.dyn files themselves). You could write this sort of thing any number of ways.

It's really only useful if you go down the route of writing your own save/load system, or you have a custom title screen and want to do some funky stuff there - like a title screen that changes depending on how far you progressed in the game.

You can technically have any number of save files with the help of DynRPG. In Everlasting Journey, I limited it to 99 (2 digits) instead of the default 15.

Misao Results 2021

Thanks y'all. This gave me a good belly laugh. I'd also like the thank the RMN Academy, the voters, and all the folks that have poked and prodded me over the years. I'd like to give no thanks at all to my own depression, which prevented me from releasing EJ sooner.

Grats everyone but lol at what the Everlasting Journey got, it's almost like bullying with awards. "Your game is the definition of being long and it's taking too long to come out"

And I will cherish these two awards forever! ...Maybe make them into a plaque.


These are the only QuickPatches used:
; RPG_RT_shopeconomy_1_08
; RPG_RT_physdamage_fix_1_08

I checked DynPatches and plugins too and didn't see anything that matched what you're describing... so ultimately I have no idea what was changed. It's been too many years since I looked at windows and things that closely.


Oh right. That's just part of the Gauge layout I think?


In the Everlasting Journey I downloaded, how did you get the attack,tech,defend,item command box to hover over to the right rather than the left? I would like to figure that out with DYNRPG. Any pointers?

Are you just referring to the "Alternative" battle layout? (Battle Layout > Battle Type = "Alternative" & "Small Window" in Window Characteristics. I also used a no auto-battle patch. I don't think I did anything special with it in DynRPG.

[RM2K3] [DYNRPG] Getting names of variables and switches


Edited - was wrong before. It's definitely supposed to be that, but whether or not it still works is a different story.

Everlasting Journey

anti virus Mcafee detect a virus when i open the game ! Please check

False positive. Enigma Virtual Box is used to package the app, and it stems from that. I can assure you it's not a virus.


You could probably do it all in DynRPG, but this is how it's setup currently...

For enemy names:
Every battle has a "Turns elapsed " page that calls a "BATTLE-Init" common event.

That common event does some initialization and calls 2 things into DynRPG:
@show_battle_window "start" - not obvious by reading it, but it takes the number of monsters, and creates a window that is 1-4 rows in size. It's 4 rows I think if there are greater than 4 monsters (although I don't think there ever are in EJ).

@get_monster_names - This gets the monster names and inserts them into a "Message" scriptline beneath it.

This is a little more old school. I just turn on/off switches for monsters that the steal command is run on, and call common events to organize logic. I think there's just a single DynRPG command to streamline the hard part:
@ej_steal_item - A lot of this is hard-coded, but it basically determines if the item can be stolen from certain enemies (bosses), and turns on an "item stolen" switch based on the enemy target id.
From there, it's even fuzzier -- the steal command is a convoluted mess.

The buff/debuff thing is from this:

General battle improvements are from this:


There's a little bit of history to it:
When DynRPG came out initially, it was half done in DynRPG, and half done in event scripts/pictures. Eventually, as I got more experience working with DynRPG, I moved the whole thing to a custom scene (original menu is a scene, battle is a scene, map is a scene, etc) and did everything in single DynRPG plugin.

System switching! (yet another tech update)

This game is really good so far. It has a lot of comedy relief and the story isn't too serious, which I kind of like. But I have a question.

Where in the heck did you get all of those facesets. How. Or did you make them yourself. I'm not talking about the 'easy to find' roco facesets.

Otherwise, This game is great!

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. The facesets that aren't roco are my own shoddy edits made specifically for Everlasting Journey. I manually added frames to all of them and used that green color for the background.

I also tried to "UNZIP" the .pak file but everything I have tried it failed miserably. 7zip didn't work, neither WinZip, WinRar, even Unreal Engine and Online file extractors could not extract anything.

Correct. That's the whole point of it.


IMO You should just suck it up and get used to making your own resources like a lot of other indie developers out there (Non-RM and RM alike). It'll take longer, but you'll just end up with new skills and more self-worth! Otherwise, you're basically stealing things from other games, which isn't cool... although I can't talk, because there's still some EJ resources that are a mish-mash of other stuff.