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Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Deltree: I agree with the others about preferring B, but I'd like to add that I prefer B because I don't think your tiles are detailed enough to look good zoomed way in. Looking great, though. The reddish area is nice too! One suggestion I have is seeing if you can add hard lines to more of the tiles, like the outline around the snakey-looking thing. Might help it blend in better with the pixel art.

@Kaempfer: Looking nice, but maybe the palette would look more unified if they shared the darkest color or two in the ramp?

Anyway, I just made a gamepage for my game woohoo! Here are a couple screenshots to celebrate:


Thank you!! It took 35 hours to render in VRay... ;-;


Thanks! Yeah, Luna did an awesome job on the UI. Her menus are wonderful.

Why aren't you fuckers in IRC?

All communities are cold and indifferent to people outside of the in group, but I find chatrooms in general are actually a lot better about that than forums. That said, while I had a good experience with the Slack, I can see how some people might not have.

I guess the real question to ask is - why does RMN have a chat in the first place? Why are we using it? Is it just a faster general shoot-the-shit forum? A place to get help? Is it where people can talk to collaborate on game projects?

I actually find chatrooms to be a way better medium for socializing and serious discussion than forums. I feel like the immediacy and limited audience facilitates better communication, especially when you're discussing something complex or controversial.

I think Slack is better than IRC from a pure functional standpoint, and it has the activity level to support multiple rooms just fine, but the greater barrier to entry is definitely a downside. I don't have a strong preference either way, but I agree it seems redundant to have two.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Wow, I'm really sorry that you got hurt. I hope you're feeling better now, and that there are no lasting negative consequences. Please take good care of yourself.
And you know what? I have no reason not to believe you when you say your delay was completely outside of your control. So i'm going to count this as a Success anyway. You've finished what you set out to do, and that deserves to be recognised.
Thanks! Yeah, it's not serious, but it was extremely painful ahahaha oh dear. o\ I physically could have gotten more done on it tbh (I mean, it was my back, not my hands), but I was pretty grumpy the whole time.

Anyway, for my next trick I'm going to try to get all the dead ends for my game drafted by this time next week.


Oh neat, I didn't realize Rook was in this! Cool portrait!! What's her role in the story?

When do you consider yourself "good" at something?

I consider myself good at something when I think I can do it at a professional level. I think it's important to recognize your shortcomings and continuously seek to improve, though.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

I got injured and was stuck in bed for a week and a half, which curtailed my plans to work on my website. BUT, it's done now!!!! So excited!

Project BC website

Idk if this still counts but whatever.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Count me in. I'm usually pretty good about being productive, but I've been dragging my feet over some things I don't want to do.

Goal #1: Finish revamping my website and making all the promo materials for my game.


Whoa those are cool as shit! That Patchwork and Lace fanart is just wonderful, both in terms of rendering and content. Really like the weird vibe. All of your weird things you posted are very cool.

Have you ever used Clip Studio/Manga Studio? The watercolor brush is really nice for quick shading and blends colors much better than a hard round brush in Photoshop.