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Sooz Arts aww yiss

I really like your art! Your character designs and line art are great. I especially like the patchwork-looking lady with the two different hair textures.

Peri's assorted art

Thanks, guys! Here's an update:

I think the bag or skirt needs to be a different color, but I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet. I might look at it again after I texture her skin and hair. The shirt material also still looks pretty bad, so I need to mess with it some more. I also wanna do some texturing on the metal's roughness map to make it look more beat up and smudged.

I spent a long time on the wool material, but I think something about it is still off. I'm not sure what to do to push it to the next level, though. :[ Using a microfiber diffusion shader to add fresnel (the light around the edges of the sweater) helped a lot, but something is still missing.

Note my clever use of UV distortion to get the argyle pattern and tights to follow the form of her body correctly! I constructed the clothes so the UVs would be rectangular. This is what the albedo map for the clothes looks like:

Peri's assorted art

Thanks! I'll get around to working on it again at some point. I appreciate your feedback. :)

I'm currently working on this character model again. I finished the boots, but I'm kinda ambivalent about them:

I might make the zippers a darker metal. I put them on the back because I was trying to add visual interest, but now I dunno how I feel about it.

Peri's assorted art

Yeah, I looked up a bunch of images of traditional Arctic clothing when I was designing them. Also, thanks for the sketch! That's very helpful. I tried experimenting with the triangular shape, but ultimately I couldn't make it not look masculine, so I tried an egg shape instead.

Is this any better? I think I'm gonna move the waist up on the right one...

Peri's assorted art

I took a stab at it, but the silhouettes are still pretty similar. I'm having a hard time figuring out ways to differentiate them when they're both swaddled head to foot in clothes. :I Maybe I can make the flare of the overcoat and capelet bigger or something, but that might look silly.

Peri's assorted art

Thanks for the feedback! I'll see about putting both characters into an earlier panel and varying the silhouettes. I had a hard time figuring out how to do it when I was working on the designs, but I'll revisit it.

Peri's assorted art

Sure. I don't know the first thing about drawing comics. And yeah, color is the only thing I'm particularly good at, haha. Thanks!

Peri's assorted art

I thought drawing a comic might be a good way to get better at drawing, so I gave it a shot. It was a ton of work, though. Not sure if I'm going to continue it or not. I have the story planned out, though.

And character designs:

Peri's assorted art

How the hell do you paint short curly hair? I cannot get this dude's hair to look good no matter how many times I paint it.

RMN FEBRUARY 2015: Misaomblr and Bacon Jam

Thanks for the shoutout! For the record, it's pe-rih-HEEL-yon (peri + helion, meaning the point in a celestial body's orbit at which it is closest to the sun), and I'm a she.