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Peri's assorted art

Thanks! I did more.

Also, I decided the armor looked better white.

Peri's assorted art

Felt like doodling some characters from my old cyberpunk game that never went anywhere. Maybe someday...

Edit: I drew some more.

Edit: I like drawing.

Peri's assorted art

Haha, thanks, guys! Yeah, I thought the idea of cuddling with a tentacle monster was cute, so I drew it. I think things that are a little messed up are cuter, which probably explains a lot about my work.

Today I'm modeling my protagonist. I finally figured out how to do hair.

I think I'm gonna redesign the coat because it's boring. Coat is Marvelous Designer, rest is ZBrush + Max.

Man, rigging the hair is going to be a nightmare. I think maybe I shouldn't have modeled it perfectly aligned with the collar like that, but we'll see how bad it is when I try to rig it, I guess.

Edit: New coat:

Peri's assorted art

@PentagonBuddy: I actually almost never draw on paper anymore. You're right that composing stuff digitally is easier for me than doing it on paper. I tend to think in terms of blocks of color rather than lines, so Photoshop is a more natural idea generation environment for me than paper and pencil.

Thanks for the links! I downloaded a few brushes and will definitely give them a shot later. Someone else was recently telling me about Paint Tool Sai, too. I admit I'm fond of Photoshop, but maybe I should give it a try sometime.

@nh7: Thanks!

Anyway, I'm the artist on a small dumb game project for school, so I'm doing a bit of drawing for that today instead of monsters. Here's a hobo:

Since you pointed it out, I'm trying to work on my line quality more and draw with my arm more often. I think the lines are getting better but still pretty bad.

Peri's assorted art

Wow, thanks for the really detailed post! I really appreciate the feedback.

Hello! I wrote words.

- amazing sense of color; your pixels are something i've looked up to for a while now and your environmental stuff + general sense for composition is p great

- your lineart tends to look like it has some shakiness/'roughness' to it, a little scribbly. The weights of your lines tend to be kinda all over the place, too. If you're at all interested in boning up on line quality I used to have some links to things written by people way more competent than me, but I can't find them at the moment!
Thanks for the compliments! Yeah, you can really tell I got into painting/drawing after pixel environments, hahaha. I learned a ton about color use from pixel art, but my actual drawing ability leaves something to be desired. My line quality is definitely awful. Thanks for pointing out the exercise! I think I had heard about that before but totally forgot about it. I'll start doing that. I gave it a shot:

Hahaha, I really need to work on this more.

There's also trying to draw with your whole arm, rather than just your wrist and hand...i'm bad at explaining OTL
Yeah, I took an art class once in high school, and my teacher stressed that a lot. I have a lot of difficulty doing that with a tablet, though. My lines are a little better on paper, but a tablet has less friction and less visual feedback, so I find it's a lot harder to get the art to go where you want. I need to work on it more.

- When it comes to humanoid things, your posing seems to get stiff. Have you looked into stuff about line of action or gesture drawing? I hardly know your name let alone your story so I ain't gonna assume, and anyways here's some stuff about figure drawing if you wanna bone up in this area:
Yeah, I really need to do more gesture drawing. I'm bad at it. It's one of those "grind your art skills" things I was always too lazy to do religiously, but I need to do it again. I should start working on it for a little while every night. Thanks for the references! I'll definitely be checking those out.

- Just curious, but how long do you usually work on a painting before throwing in the towel? tbh I don't think there's ever really a "finished, yes this is perfect" piece, just "alright i'm done, good enough" pieces. Your paintings have varied levels of rendering and detail (which is good! obvs you don't want EVERY SINGLE AREA mega detailed or vague and blobby) but I notice some parts usually look like you could push it a step further.

Here's what I mean, please note this is just an example and not me trying to artist one-up you or anything (also i do not know what kind of joint articulation or limb structure you wanted for this beastie b/c i am no mind reader, the only point I'm making is that a little bit of extra time rendering goes a long way)
I think that painting was about 10-15 hours. You're right, I could have pushed it much farther, but it's big and I got bored and I wasn't super satisfied with the monster anyway. I should do something small but fully detailed as an exercise. It seems like I almost never go to the final rendering step with painting because I get impatient. That's a big reason I stopped doing pixel art, hahaha. I like your example edit, though! Yeah, it really would have popped a lot more if I'd done another detail pass... Maybe I'll revisit it at some point. One thing I need to do is figure out how people get nice smooth color blending, though. I just use a hard round brush for everything, and I think there's some kind of color blending technique or brush settings to get that nice final painterly smoothness that I'm missing. Like with the skin in this. I dunno how the artist did that.

Thanks a lot for the links to design info (I'll definitely check those out) and the feedback on the design! I hadn't thought about silhouette at all, but I'll definitely keep that in mind for future monsters. Also, good call about using the red elsewhere. I'm challenging myself to avoid obviously gory things because I'm going more for creepy and unsettling than terrifying, but yeah, something like that could work.

Thanks again for all the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it. I think I'll start doing line quality and gesture drawing exercises as a warmup before I start drawing from now on, and more often if I can remember. Also, you should definitely make a thread. I'd love to see your work. :)

Peri's assorted art

I decided I wanted to get better at monster design and to start practicing more. Here's a sketch I did today:

I'd appreciate feedback and ideas for how to improve the designs, since I'm trying to work on my creativity/quality of ideas/whatever.

Peri's assorted art

I finished that painting.

Peri's assorted art

Thanks! :)

I'm trying spending some more time on paintings.

Painted over the lines.

WIP. Painted without lines. This is faster than drawing the lines first, so I think I'm gonna do it from now on for detailed paintings. Also hey look, it's the main character actually doing something the main character does instead of inexplicably being a tentacle monster.

Peri's assorted art

Thanks! Here's another one:

Peri's assorted art

I have to admit I like drawing eldritch body horror things.

The gun is weird, but I gave up trying to fix it.