I Miss the Sunrise

Well, after putting it off for so long, I finally finished off The Reconstruction, and this. I have to say, Mahk was probably one of my favourite characters in the game.
Sucks that he goes through so much crap by the end of the game. Especially considering I chose him as Ros' love interest (seems to be the most popular choice eh?). Still, at least he has a good life on the Surface. Until... you know.

On another note, gosh that last bounty hunt was a pain without lots of preparation. The first couple of phases are rough to deal with.

Oh another another note, can't wait for The Drop! I'll be sure to keep track on its development.

I Miss the Sunrise

Yeah, I'm running version 1.22 right now.

I Miss the Sunrise

I think I might have found a bit of a programming error during a mission, although I accidentally overwrote my save after, so I can't go back and check it.

During the first Jessamine battle, there is a node near the starting point that has two paths to it, but one of the paths only works one-way, so you can leave the node through it, but can't enter through it. If I remember right, it's the left node of the 'diamond' on the right side of the map that's the problem.

Hopefully this hasn't been posted already, or that my memory is playing tricks on me.

I Miss the Sunrise

I've been enjoying the game quite a lot so far, but Chac's sidequest has left me feeling like I'm missing something incredibly obvious. I'm supposed to prove I'm the lone survivor of a situation, but I've talked to everyone and examined everything that could possibly be related to that and have come up completely empty. So unless the game code messed up somehow, hint please? :P
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