I'll finish the game this time, I swear. Even if it spooks me.



Theme Roulette

yay, I got 'linguistics'! I love learning about languages, so I hope I can make something good out of this.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

After the seasons event, I want to work on a project that will probably take me a while...I am almost not sure where to start haha. I brainstormed a bit and have come up with a general plot:

Lady Jane, heir to the royal family, is going on a quest to discover why her mother has suddenly gone very ill, and has bouts of terrible madness. It turns out that their immense power comes at a price, and all in the royal family are doomed to the same fate...

The setting is a little difficult to explain, but basically our world went haywire with genetic testing and experiments, technology has mostly gone to ruins, and people have reverted back to a monarchical government (since no one really trusts the public with democracy anymore). Due to all of the genetic engineering, animals can communicate with people via a translator, and somewhere along the line, something akin to magic formed. So basically, it's a post-apocalypse sci-fi with fantasy elements. Wow, that sounds wild when put into words :P.

Seasons of RMN

In the rules, it says that a game page has to be accepted by June 1st, but my game isn't finished yet. Am I allowed to create a game page for a game that is still under construction?

I'm here to ketchup (and other possible puns)

Hello, everyone. I've been messing around with RPG Maker for a few months, but I haven't made an account on here 'till now. I mainly wanted to participate in the seasons event (even though I'm a bit late and will need to...ketchup). Anyway, I have decided on summer for my season, and it seems like this will be a lot of fun! My gaming interests lie in Nintendo, and also open-world games such as Skyrim. I'm currently a college student who is undeclared in major, so I'm mostly here to explore my talents/skills and have fun! :)
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