Hey there! I'm Pikasprey.

I'm an indie developer and Let's Player that loves horror.

Link to my Let's Play channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJVzJk_24aefzpKAbqiP9Q



Pikasprey plays: Usagito Watashi DEMO

Thanks, I'm glad someone does^

Pikasprey plays Suiren DEMO

2nd part of the demo has been uploaded and edited into my post.

Pikasprey plays: Decision

Thanks for watching, I had a lot of fun with it!

Pikasprey Plays 100 Floors

Hey, thanks so much for playing :D
Also, it isn't a default face.

I could've sworn that I'd seen his face from another RPG Maker game before. Oh well, my mistake.

Pikasprey Plays Infection

Gotta resist the urge to yell at the screen "OPEN THE DAMN SURVIVAL TAB IN THE MENU!"
Pretty fun to watch though :P
Haha, yes he warns ne about that!

I assume he got it eventually :p

Yep I realize my mistake at the start of the fourth episode. I felt dumb for not noticing. :p

Also, two more parts have been edited in! :D
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