I am now certain that you are not scum and are just town trying to play scum as hard as possible.



[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

Piano got Psy and exposed liberty.

He was the hero we needed but didn't deserve.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

I forgeit my prize money to Pianotm and Fomar who are the mvps of this game.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

No, you made a very good claim for a scumbag trying to quietly creep away from the unconfirmed vanillas.

If I were scum I would have also claimed a role. It's the only way to win really.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

They leave town.

The survivor (which I have never seen as a town aligned role. This name implies only to neutral roles) has bullet proof vests which protect them against bullets. That is, against the night kill.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

Claiming 2 shot bulletproof is not a good way to get targeted you know. Scum might also wonder if you haven't secretly kept a vest or if you aren't secretly 3 shot.

It's a good way to appear confirmed and have nothing to show for it, though.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

I mean I have only 1 person to vote for since tale and ozzy are confirmed


^that is a lynch vote

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

That's called a traveller or something.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

Survivor doesn't negate everything.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

You think CAVE would put the same role in the game twice under different names and then make one weaker and make the other one a mason?

Odd only claimed survivor because he didn't know about Ivory. He thought that role was free and it was safe for him to claim. And he didn't know what the propper name for that role was because it's not survivor.

Why on God's green Earth would he use it the first two nights of the game while he was lierally useless and said nothing of value during those days? "Oh I might as well say that I have this role". He was just trying to confirm himself in the safest possible way. He had to make sure he claimed it before a train could start on him.

But it would be stupid to claim Bulletproof while he still had vests left, so he made up some lame excuse why he would have already used them.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

Also odd calls it "survivor" but CAVE calls it "Bulletproof". Why wouldn't odd have told us his if that was his role name?

Survivor isn't even the correct term for the role odd is claiming yo have. Survivor is for unalligned players. If you are town with that ability, it would be called bulletproof.

What is the name of your role, odd?