I am now certain that you are not scum and are just town trying to play scum as hard as possible.



[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

You are on another level dude

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

Night 1: 08:01 PM - 05:24 PM
Night 2: 08:39 PM - 11:37 PM
Night 3: 12:09 AM - 02:24 AM
Night 3 is the one of interest, I analaysed the last 5 pages of mine, demonlord5000's and platinunashes posts. This is platinumashes's activity:

He would have had to stay up over three hours later than any of his latest activity in order to submit his night kill. Additionally kittenfood revealed her full role at 10:45 my time, nearly two hours later than any of his latest activity. This is why I conclude that platinumashes is confirmed town.

I'll put the rest of the data behind a hide tag as all it shows is that both myself and demonlord have been around during all the night phases. I also did three pages of cave dog analysis before deciding that it was probably the case that the final night action on the first night came in after he went to bed.

My data:

demonlord5000's data:

cave dog's data:

What the hell

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

@Ivory Yeah I also voted for myself, but that was only to strengthen my push against piano. I was saying "okay then lynch me. But when I flip town, kill this guy!"

That was my reason to the self vote. What about tale?

If I understand it right, he thinks we're best off killing him. He's saying "no don't kill PA, kill me". I don't know how to take that. It's kind of strange.

Now LAST game, I did vote for myself with no reason other than to confuse people, and I was town. So yeah....

But that was only in my first post, Tale had been keeping this act up pretty much all game.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

#lynch Emily

For now

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

@Ivory You're right, I was confusing Demonlord and Kittenfood in that post, thinking that he was confirmed and not Kittenfood.

So yeah Kittenfood is obviously town, and Demonlord is not confirmed.

I don't really have a read on him to be honest. He's just pretty inconspicuous. All of his posts seem like regular old Demonlord.

Maybe I should be more aware of him just because of that. This reminds me a bit of Gourd, who you kind of forget about until he stabs you in the back at the end.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

I don't draw any real conclusions from that Shinan kill.

It's just as likely to be Emily confusing us as someone else trying to look like Emily who is confusing us. I can't play these kinds of mindgames.

Instead, I want to lynch Emily based on her posting pattern. Basically what I said at the beginning about Liberty applies here. She's distant, cautious and apparently very concerned with self preservation.

I have a general feeling that she has no consistent positions that she's willing to stand for. Maybe I'm not reading her charitably, I could be wrong (and I was just wrong).

From what I remember she has been eyeing me since early D1 but never seriously tried to push me.

Today almost all her posts appear to be in selfdefense. Now that makes sense, given so many people said they would vote for her. But I don't see her really staking out a position on our other lynch options.

Tell me if I'm right about this.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

i'm still not used to the "use ML everyday" stuff, and i definitely don't like it

Machine Learning?

You probably mean something else but that's how I read it out loud.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

Before I said there three unconfirmed people on paino's train and forgot to add "other than myself". Obviously I was also on that train.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

Odd's claim still sounds plausible to me, just because of the way he halfheartedly claimed it. I'm not especially suspicious of him.

My top three lynch targets would be Tale, Fomar and Emily in no particular order.

[MAFIA] Prisoner's Dilemma. Game Over

The wagon on me is mostly because of the wagon that I pushed on Piano yesterday, Now I DID say you could kill me afterwards, so I shouldn't complain. The others who aggressively pushed on piano are confirmed, and so the full blame for the thing has now fallen entirely on me.

On this Piano wagon, there were 3 unconfirmed people: Demonlord, Emily and Fomar. Fomar was also the one who clumsily hammered Piano before he could make his final posts. If you're going to be suspicious of me for pushing a bad wagon (fair enough), then I think you should view these three in the same light. Especially Fomar.

However, I think I take the opposite view. The final scum has to survive a long time, so they might be tempted to sit the whole thing out and "wash their hands" of it, so to speak. Kittenfood, tale and Odd did this. I am more suspicious of these three. I can also see the case against Emily, her posts are too defensive and they feel off to me. The Shinan thing could have been a clever mindgame by her, too.

Odd: he has claimed a role, but we have no evidence of his claim being real. This claim is really convinient for him. He has been basically playing like a survival: barely hunting or pushing anything.

Kittenfood also plays it very safe, but their posts read townish to me on a gut level. I can't say the same for Tale, who irks me. His posts just make no sense to me. He voted for himself yesterday. It feels like he's using his noobishness as a defense. The whole "lynch me please!" thing makes me very suspicious.