I am now certain that you are not scum and are just town trying to play scum as hard as possible.



[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

For now, I am down to oddRABBIT, Demonlord and LockeZ (probably in that order). Since it's probably too late for us to vote for the other two at this point, I will vote for Demonlord

#lynch Demonlord

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Since Ozzy, PSY and Fomar are (for now) off the table, let's see where that leaves us. Here's what I think about everyone else that I haven't mentioned

Emily who I don't see the case against. She was speculating about the hammer and I disagreed with her, but I don't see anything scummy in it. The way she voted against me also doesn't make me suspect her, it did seem like she just got Ninja'd. Also she didn't jump on the Ozzy wagon.

Cap H and CAVE Were pretty early on the Ozzy wagon. Whether that's a good or a bad thing depends on whether Ozzy is a real agent. Cap H also tried to start something on me just now. Assuming Ozzy is really an agent, I think Cap H looks like a good lynch candidate. But I also think we should wait it out first to see what Ozzy ends up being.

oddRABIT who was himself in his early posts and now he has become completely invisible again. I hate how he does this

milk Who is even more invisible, but I oppose lynching him only on grounds of him being new. I would lynch odd instead.

Jeroen I'm leaning town on. He could have jumped on my wagon just now and it wouldn't have put him in much danger if he were scum.

lockeZ His posts seem to be more about the game setup. I expected more in-depth reads from him to be honest. His only detailed read was about my avatar at the start of the game.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I'm back, but I don't have much time.

Like I said yesterday, neither of my reads had much confidence behind them. Initially, I was more suspicious of both Demonlord and Ozzy, but I talked myself out of both.

Demonlord was weird as hell but it fits his MO. But when I tried to picture him being scum, it's hard to imagine he would mess up so badly. It's still possible and I'm not against lynching him.

With Ozzy, I just had a gut feeling that his personality was different, but I then realized that was probably because of him playing on his own now.

I did say "My top picks are Demonlord and Ozzy" in the end. But I didn't mean "these two are top quality lynch targets". I just didn't have a case against anyone else.

My confidence in the case on these two was so low, that I didn't even vote for either in the end. I just went for the most inconspicuous player, which was Fomar.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

#lynch Fomar528491

^ For being the most inconspicuous player so far.

If no other wagon starts by the time I wake up tomorrow, I will vote for Ozzy and finish him off. I only have a slight gut feeling on him, and what I said above actually makes me think he's town. So I'm not that exited about lynching him, but I guess I'll take it.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Maybe the reason that Ozzy is different now, is that he isn't in a group chat.

Last game he would just stop by every day or so and drop this gem of perfect (more or less) logic that he and Ivory had been talking about for 3 pages. You know how many hours it took me to get through that Mason chat? Hahaha.

I was about to flame Ivory too, for being so quiet. But then I realized she isn't even in the game.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

can you drop the whole impersonating me thing now?

I wasn't really trying anymore, since I realized after two posts that I'm bad at impersonation.

I don't want to change this avatar because your screaming doctor face looks really funny like that.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

@Van der Sol ahhhh, that's what he meant.

Okay, I guess that makes sense...

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Other minor reads before I head off.

Ozzy I'm leaning scum for reasons I find hard to articulate. Generally, his behavior feels a bit different from last game. Maybe it's a kind of nervousness? I would type more but I'm really sleep-deprived. I would probably be fine with lynching him.

LockeZ Slightly leaning town because his read on me is too out-of-nowhere to be scum. His post on page 11 (which I just read) makes the idea less stupid. Doesn't feel like scum fishing for mislynch to me. But I don't know LockeZ well.

Side note: He's actually right. Part of the reason I used that Elon musk laughing meme last game, was to be taken less seriously. Who knows, maybe it worked? But for the most part it was for the memes.

However, I always decide this stuff before the game starts. My avatar would be me disguised as Jeroen Sol no matter what.

CAVE and Jeroen they seem authentically like their usual selves.

Everyone else is neutral. My top lynch picks are Demonlord and Ozzy, but I would be pretty okay with most other targets.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

That said, I can't jump on the Demon wagon with confidence. The guy is a gaf machine on day one and he always flips town in the end. And I don't really see the use of him dropping that there is three scum in here. If he's scum then he seriously messed up to post that.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Let me summarize this whole Demonlord thing. I don't have a great feeling about him, but I'm genuinely confused about what he thiks he's doing.

So first, Demonlord apparently misread Cap H. He thought Cap said there were three scum.

He was tired too tired, so came back and then misread the OP as well, which he thought confirmed there were three scum.

Then he realized he made an error and he says:

Misreading is pretty standard for me I'd say. Cap, you were the first to assume there were three after I inquired about it. I'll admit I made a mistake at not reading more carefully though.

I honestly have no clue what he's talking about here. I even went through Cap's posts and I can't find where he assumed there were three. Also Jeroen (the other one), is kind of right in pointing out the defensive tone.