I am now certain that you are not scum and are just town trying to play scum as hard as possible.



[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I'm not saying I hate you, but I'm definitely not saying I don't.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3


#lynch jeroen_sol

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I'm leaning town on Cave. Alright, in all fairness

#lynch demonlord

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I'd personally much rather kill demon than you at this point.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I hath returneth.

And I hath useth my elaborate disguise.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I am the Magenta Agent and my ability is that I have a list of the codenames of all the agents, but not their abilities or identities. I can call out one of the codenames each night, and then I will be transported with that agent.

Mauve is not on the list of codenames. Instead, there is Lilac, Turquoise, White and Magenta. So these two are lying.

I also have an item which I'm going to use later today.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Just fyi I probably won't post that much in the first week of this game because I have a toooon of things scheduled.

So yeah, I might be posting no more than the required minimum of 1 post a day. I hope you guys don't mind, I'd still like to participate in this one.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I haven't read it yet, but from what I heard, didn't Ozzy get EVERYONE killed in that game?


[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

For what it's worth, he fought to keep Ivory from murdering me the whole game.

Mafia Guide; Hosting, Suggestions, and Discussion

I like how everyone is now hosting their games after Mafia being gone for so long. It's a Mafia renaissance.

When Piano and Rabbit are done with their games, I would like to do a re-run of my Role Madness set-up with new and reworked roles.