I am now certain that you are not scum and are just town trying to play scum as hard as possible.



[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Well excuuuuuuuuuse me princess

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Gee, it sure is quiet.

I am quietly planning how I will destroy you, in particular

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

It's not in the rules that everyone copy-pastes from Jeroen's games.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

People take a lot of time creating their setups. It's not fun to see a player basically take the game hostage.

I would never do such a thing

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I think that whether or not you read that PM, your play on day one should be 95% independent of your role.

Nobody else has any information on that day. So any information you incorporate in your play will quickly be noticed.

As long as your play is invariable (and this is usually obvious), it doesn't really matter how you play on day 1 at all.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

i post as many times as i want, whenever i want, and how I want. and there's not a single damned thing you can do about it. also I'm useless

Oh stop it, you were a great asset to town last time

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Did somebody say each-other?

Heck yeah I'm in.

For mafia tags, what I always do for sign-ups is the [MAF(lowercase L)A] tag. That way it looks like the mafia tag but doesn't prevent it from showing up in latest posts. Then when the game starts I turn it into a real mafia tag.

Whoa it does that? I had no clue haha.

It makes sense, I think about 95% of Welp posts are Mafia.

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

Well since were all switching personas...

Time to lynch the pianoman.

I'll also be shooting odd tonight.

LOL hmmm I wonder who this reminds me of...

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

We're all going to be gunning for you this time, odd.

You played us like a damn fiddle!!

[mafia] Spy vs. Mafia II Day 3

I'm going to play like psychopath don't scumread me