I'm Sky ^_^. Not much to say. 19 year old who likes developing games, playing RPG's (and any other game thats actually GOOD, pretty much forsakes anything 'Next-Gen'), and Japanese culture. ^_^ ... Meaning a watch a lot of anime. And read mangas. Or something.

YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/PolygonGamingUK
Check: Chapter One
Complete first chapter, RPG. Around 1.5 hours long




BUT on the other hand when this happens, if her image was the one where she is showing her panties, then at least we have something to look at while she blathers! Just like in real life...if we have a visual, she can talk all day.

I am currently redrawing bust images, but I haven't gotten to Apple yet. Maybe I can fit her panties in. We'll have to see.


I'm somewhat busy right now, so can't make a fleshed out comment. ... But this image isn't actually in the final game(s). XD Just 'concept' art, I guess. Thought it was best uploaded, rather than wasted on my PC.

And hey, maybe I will use it, someday.

But yes, it doesn't really suit apples personality. Hense why I decided to change the cut-in's in the end XD.


Drew it yourself, I presume?
Not bad.

Thank you!

Still looks amateurish to me though XD.


Check: Chapter Two

again i tried and still exact fail is all it says

Uploading to Mediafire, will inbox you when it's done with the link. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Evolzar Laggia.

Yugioh sucks now. As soon as Syncro monsters were introduced I started to lose interest. I miss the good old days where Jinzo was one of the biggest threats.


I love Jinzo. He is still pretty effective these days, but not nearly as much. And yeah, those overpowered synchro's completely changed the game, but lets not get into what Exceeds can do now, too >.<.

Check: Chapter Two

i keep getting extract failed when i try to download re downloaded it twice and same thing

That's strange. It definitely works, as other people have played it...

All I can suggest is... Try and download again? Send me a message if it doesn't work again, and I'll host it elsewhere for you! ^_^

Evolzar Laggia.

I felt spontaneous at the time.

Besides, I threw in a section to do with Check at the bottom. Felt like it'd be a waste not to give an update as to what's going on.

And anyone who knows what this is all about can sit there can bare their fangs at Evolzar Laggia and its disgustingness.

Check: Chapter Two

So unless your writing is spot on and perfect to everyone, someone who doesn't give a shit will probably not like your game and rage quit.

You've got a good point, I suppose. But anyone who doesn't give a shit probably wouldn't like my game anyway. The gameplay itself isn't anything out of the ordinary or different, and the banter between the characters would make them ragequit anyway, pauses or not. XD

Check: Chapter Two

Really corny intro.

Light-hearted game. I wouldn't be surprised if some parts are corny. XD

And what's wrong with the pauses? It helps the player imagine how the characters are saying their sentences. No one speaks at a constant pace... Constantly XD

Either way, I know what you mean, there are a lot of pauses. There were times when I thought I was overdo-ing it myself. But the games strongest point is the dialogue, so I wanted it to be the best presented I could possibly do.

Alright! Less pauses in Chapter Three then XD! Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing! ^_^
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