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Face off against a mysterious group of demons and slowly find out the truth behind them.



First and foremost, a review is written for the benefit of the audience and not the creator. Thinking that the criticism within a review isn't valid because it isn't sympathetic towards the creator is remarkably silly.

I'd argue it can be beneficial for both creator and audience. It can let the audience know if the game, movie, etc is any good and can give the creator pointers to improve on to create something better.

What is RMN even GOOD FOR?

It's a fun site to lurk on.
I feel like this site is the best when it comes to RPG Maker games. You may get more downloads on sites like GameJolt, but this site actually gives criticism to your games that isn't just a simple 5/5 rating system.
Also the community here, while has it's fair share of problems, is overall friendly to newer people. Also they finally realized that Discord is better than Slack.

The reminder blog episode 3: Rest in peace old savefiles

dude, im still on board if you need me. just shoot me a line.

I knooooow, I'm not ready yet.
It's just that you run certain RMN events and I don't wanna distract you from them.

Demise Review

This was a pleasant surprise to see after a long shift.
My mango, thanks for the review. Really means a lot.

Some responses:
I might want to admit that the prologue sounds a bit weird on the wording.
>Looking back, I should change the wording on that.

(in Mt. Volcano). I think that the hidden boss is too strong to beat at the current equipment level though (it can kill you in 2 hits and your damage barely scratches it).
>A lot of people had the same complaints so for now, I'll probably lock up the room un till I finish the game so I can properly balance him. (Although people say that the first superboss is fine, he's somewhere in the first dungeon. I believe there's a pathway in the first room after the spring)

There are some equipments that you can buy at the shops in each town. These equipments cost gold that can be earned from killing enemies. The enemies, however, don't respawn so it's kinda hard to grind for money to buy such expensive equipments.
>The respawning is a bit finicky. It takes around 30 seconds for them to respawn I believe, but you have to be near the place you killed them in order for the timer to start. Unless I screwed something up in the current version. Wouldn't be surprised.

There are some collision errors that i find when i played the game.
>That map in general is pretty garbage, I'll replace it in the next version.

The game also crashes when you press F12 to reset the game.

>Also I swore I got rid of those pesky sunlight overlay.

Again, thanks so much for the review. Much appreciated my man.


I have some questions:
- i'm going to mt. volcano and it seems that i need a boat that might be available in "secret passage". where is this secret passage located?
- where is the ring that's in "missing ring" side quest?

i can't seem to find those two. thanks a lot!

Has my time lurking on this site finally been vanquished? Probably not.

After your interaction with the boat captain, a sailor tells you of a house at Great Tree where a group of people give out boat passes, go to Great Teee and I believe the biggest house has your location.

How to properly kill off a minor character

I know I'm late on this, been rather busy lately.

Holy shit you all gave me a ton of stuff to work with. I don't know if I should praise you all or be concerned.

How to properly kill off a minor character

Tbh I should've worded this a lot better.
I'm mainly talking about development, how much development does this character need to make the death more "sadder" as people put it. It takes place in the middle of the game but how much screen time does this minor character need in order to make the player feel sad for the character dying.

Maybe I should stop making bad jokes in my help me topics.

How to properly kill off a minor character

(I dunno if this should be in help or game design so help seems like the best answer).

So I have this character that pretty much shows up a couple of times in my game.
He's not a party member, just a important NPC.
And I want to kill him, but how?

Killing off a party member is pretty easy to do well (formeanywaysbutIdigress). But not a minor character, they don't have much screen time as the main crew. So how can I kill off this character well? Make him have an impact and not just "Oh he died, alright."
If you want an example on how I did it (aka tried), I pretty much adding a short flashback before the "emotional scene." But I feel like it's forced.

I need help killing someone in a good way please.

What was your introduction to making games?

You don't need to apologize.

video games.

...are bad.