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Current project - Demise
Face off against a mysterious group of demons and slowly find out the truth behind them.


How to properly kill off a minor character

(I dunno if this should be in help or game design so help seems like the best answer).

So I have this character that pretty much shows up a couple of times in my game.
He's not a party member, just a important NPC.
And I want to kill him, but how?

Killing off a party member is pretty easy to do well (formeanywaysbutIdigress). But not a minor character, they don't have much screen time as the main crew. So how can I kill off this character well? Make him have an impact and not just "Oh he died, alright."
If you want an example on how I did it (aka tried), I pretty much adding a short flashback before the "emotional scene." But I feel like it's forced.

I need help killing someone in a good way please.

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Adventures of Victor: The case of the looping animation

Maybe I should've written a better title.

So here's my issue, I want a simple animation loop to resemble charging magic or whatever. You could do a parallel process but the animation will flicker, and that's a no no.
So it seems Victor's script is the only one out there that allows a animation to loop without flicker, or at least I hope so.
However, his instructions are very vague. Or maybe I'm stupid idk.

So in a cutscene, I want my actor to have an animation loop. I typed in the comment call exactly how the instructions said it, but I always get this message.

Script: Loop Animation' line 450: NoMethodError occurred
undefined method 'add_loop_animation' for nil:NillClass

The comment call in question is <actor loop animation i: x> (i being the actor ID and x being the animation ID).
(By the way, it's not a script call. It pacifically says to use a comment call).
Also, I tested it on a blank game. Same thing happened.
I also have the latest version of Victor's Module, so it ain't that either.

The script in question is here

EDIT: I found a different script that does practically the same thing, link is here.


I'm being too generous, help.

Jokes aside, I am in need of some advice. Playing back some of my games, I give out way too many items. Like I had over 14 ATK ups and 16 DEF ups, etc.

I need some advice on where and when I should place items. If stat buff items should actually be droplets, if I am adding too many potions, status aliments, etc.

How do you guys deal with item droplets?

EDIT: This can also apply to currency.

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Tankentai Sideview Battle System V1.0 Battleback

To those who are familiar with this script, I'm wondering if it's possible to zoom the battleback to it's original state.

The batttleback looks so big and awkward, I don't like it.

I know that it's supposed to be big for the camera effects but I really don't need it. So if there's a way to change the battleback to the original state, can you tell me? Thank you.

EDIT: I managed to disable the camera, however the battleback is still zoomed in. If I zoom out the sprites grow smaller.

Favorite Youtube Channel?

I'm always a fan to hear opinions and have discussions about them.
I swear if someone made this topic, I'm gonna cry because I searched and was fruitless.

Youtube is the most popular sight for videos (duh). And spawned a lot of fun and entertaining channels. Out of all of them, which one if your favorite?

As for mine, he's pretty mediocre right now, though his videos we're good during the time (in my opinion anyway).
Allow me to introduce you to Kylernuva135, a biotuber (stands for Bionicle youtuber) who made videos showing off his creations and making his own stories with said creations.

Example of one his his creations
Example of his own stories

Most, if not all of his videos, have stop-motion in it. It's pretty impressive to say the least.
Though the reason this is my favorite channel? Well I may sound very sappy, but this channel was a huge part of my childhood. This channel was created in 2008 (I was 9 at the time). His videos we're always entertaining for me to watch as a kid. I was pretty jealous of his creations XP. I also loved his stories and characters, though the problem is that they don't look as good now as they did back then. However I have a soft spot for them because they still entertain me to this day. He got me into Bionicle MOCing (MOC stands for My Own Creation) and kept me in the Bionicle fandom. Interacting with multiple bionicle fans and even making some life long friends because of that was a big part of my life. So I have to thank Kyler for making the man I am today. Which is why I will remain subbed to him even if he is done with youtube (he's uploading very slowly lately DX).

But enough about me! Tell us your favorites and why! Share with us!

[RMVX ACE] Searching for system SE and ME

Hello, greetings, salutations, yo, more ways I can say hello

I'm searching for some system SE's and a inn ME.

The system SE's I use have been used a lot and I kinda wanna replace them. To those who don't know, the sound effects when you cancel, accept, buzzer, save, load, etc.
I also search for an inn ME, since I use the default one.

I looked all over and couldn't find any. If you found something, can you send me it?

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] ME and SE skip crash

Hey! Having another problem!
So I just got this script. It's a skip cutscene script.
It works just fine, however during a cutscene, a ME and SE play. When I skip the cutscene , I get this error.

I've tried everything (keep in mind that I'm not a pro scripter), but the same result happens.
I rly need help, is there a way?
Thank you.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I have the required script for this, Audio fade in.

EDIT2: Fixed it...I just had to move the scripts below every other script and above Main, whoops XD.

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Bestiary Scan

Hello, I need some small assistance. You see I'm not a pro scripter and only know how to edit minorly. And I'm wondering if theres a way to edit a certain script.

You see, I'm using Moghunter's Monster Book script.
Which allows you to see data on battlers you defeated. Though I want to see the battlers data after they have been scanned from a skill. Not when they have been defeated.

I already made a scan command with the help of Yanfly's Enemy target info script. Is there a way to edit the script? If so, please inform me!

Thank you.

Unpopular Opinions

Any unique unpopular opinions you like to share? It's always interesting too that someone has a different view point then most people

Video Games
1. I got bored with Mario 64 really fast
2. I don't like the classic Sonic games
3. Twilight Princess is the best legend of zelda
4. I don't enjoy Call of duty's gameplay, but I respect it's existence
5. PC is better and stronger than a console, but consoles have better games

1. I can name a few fanbases worse than the sonic fanbase
2. I don't mind people creating
for anything

1. KylerNuva135 is my favorite youtuber
2. Irategamer haters are annoying, and I don't even enjoy Irategamer's vids

My year late introduction

Welp, I've been on here for like one year, and NOW I'm posting my introduction. Oh well.

Greetings one and all! I am a fellow VX Ace user but I do fiddle with XP sometimes. I enjoy video games a lot, My favorites include:
1. Kingdom Hearts 2.5
2. Smash 4
3. Tales of the Abyss

RPG is my all-time favorite genre in gaming! I like turn-based, action, etc.

Other info:
1. I made a MLP Roleplay on ROBLOX, it somehow got famous.
2. I act very strange at night, like post some stuff making fun of myself, be warned.
3. I'm a weeaboo.
4. My favorite song is Kings and Queens by 30 seconds to mars
5. Catharsis is my favorite game on this site.
6. I am a huge BIONICLE fan.
7. I don't grammar well.
8. I say anyways a lot

Anyways, I'm glad to be here!
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