We are creating an RPG game, Fifefer Island, the alpha version of the game is available in the link!

PowerParametrics is a Limited Liability Company in Minnesota. It is owned by Economist Toby Madden.

Toby is an Avid Gamer (Mainly RPG's and Simulations) as well as a former educator.

The Goal of Power Parametrics is to develop an interesting and fun game where players covertly learn more about economic concepts.

Produced with son Chris (research/marketing) and his wife Hansol (tech/design)



Deploying Mac through itch.io

Hello, we need help!

We have a game deployed for the Mac and it runs.
We zipped it in our Mac.
To test to see if the zip file was corrupted, we unzipped the original file and it worked.
We uploaded that zip file to Itch.
We downloaded the zip file from itch and unzipped it.
When we load the game, it gives an error message:
Please Move the Game.app to a different folder."

We moved the Game.app to the application folder and also the desktop, but got the same error messages.

This is our Itch page : https://fifeferisland.itch.io/

We really need help!

Thank you!

We are lucky to have paid interns.

In our game, we are teaching Economics, so this qualified us to get paid interns through a program in our city. Two high school students play tested the game a lot for us and were very helpful. So I made this game to thank them in the end of semester virtual party.


It also shows a bit of the progress we've made in our game. Episode 1, Terrena's story, is almost ready for launch.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

After the release of our Alpha 1, we've recently switched art direction for the characters to a drawn version that are two tiles tall, rather than one.

The new characters we've made look good, but now seem a little out of place in the RPG maker pixel art world, so we may be doing drawn parallaxing over the levels now.

It's funny how new ideas and directions can snowball into a lot more work! Hopefully it will pay off as a appealing visual for the player!

[RMMZ] Meet Terrena - our main character from the Amazon

This is Terrena, a member of the Kayapo tribe living along the Amazon river in Brazil. The forest near her home is being torn down by illegal loggers, what can she do to stop them? In our RPG game, Fifefer Island, she along with 6 other characters from around the world will be transported to an island where they will have to survive, thrive and learn lessons along the way.

​What do you think of her look?

Here she is in a still for our opening video. The game is being made in RPGMakerMZ, and we plan to have the Alpha version out by February 8th!

[RMMZ] Creating a condition based on HP/MP - How to?

Hello, I ran into this problem while scripting in MZ.

I want to create a conditional that uses an actor's HP or MP as the determining factor. But it seems that the only way to do this is to convert those stats into variables and then run the conditional on those variables. What could I be missing? Or is there just no way to do that?

Thank you for any help.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is my favorite game hands down.
My wife and I even got my dad into it, who typically doesn't enjoy console games. He probably clocked 160 hours into it, and even started it in Master's Mode!
Can't wait for BOTW2

Game-Dev 1 month update! [RMMZ]

Hello Community, Thanks for all your support and encouragement on our project.
We decided on the name of the game – Fifefer Island. The guide and narrator will be Mother Planet. We have completed a lot over the past few weeks. We hire StarBird Resources and he has been a great help! We have developed the Title Screen, Heads Up Display (HUD), created a time/calendar system, Tech Tree and Quest Systems and also created the ability to generate reports for the player.

We are currently working on the game introduction animation, character introduction animation and chapter one maps. We are also working on the Style Guide. We still need more help from the community. We need a musician/sound effects artist that can give us a consistent theme throughout the story. We are also in need of more technical advice, illustrators and web people.

We are scheduled to have an Alpha version of the first two chapters our for testers in early February. We hope you will lend a hand and hopefully enjoy the first Alpha Release

2D Illustrator Needed

lol, sorry Tar-sama, we don't need someone with native English, just someone we can communicate well with. My wife who is working on this project is from South Korea and doesn't speak native level, but we communicate well enough :)
What country are you from?

Fluent in English.
Lol.... Fail before send resume.

2D Illustrator Needed

Thanks very much for your suggestion! I'll look into that.
You should try Deviant Art if your serious about hiring an artist. There's a thread where you can post what you want and get tons of responses. But be prepared to pony up real money.

Like Sooz said above, the artwork for the character sets, etc... is a lot different than doing art for a character or a CG. But if you post in Deviant Art you'll get multiple replies with differing levels of skills.

Having hired artists in the past, I always try to be as detailed as possible about what I want the scene to look like (ie. for a background or CG), even going out of my way to google search samples from real life or other games.

2D Illustrator Needed

Appreciate it, Sooz! Thank you for your insight.
Will keep you updated on our progress here.

Looking over the job description, you may get better success if you divide up the jobs among multiple artists- most artists seem to specialize in either the fiddly menu bits like icons OR the big fancy stuff like facesets OR tilesets.

It might also be worth your while to shop around for purchaseable assets (esp tilesets and the like!)

I'm personally a bit overrun with deadlines at the moment, but good luck!
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