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Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams

Man LordBlue you're always so helpful lol. Over the years you're always right there trying to help (and have solved a few of my big issues actually!). Thanks for all that, that will really help with the RTP side of things. I had forgotten all about the RTP issue.

The main thing for me is trying to get rid of all the unused files quickly after I remove everything I don't want in the demo. We're talking thousands of files here. I really wish RMtool still worked, that thing was a game changer (pun not intended).

I think it might be impossible though so don't worry about it, but thanks again for trying.

Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams

If anyone has any tips for how to gut a very large 2k3 project in order to produce a demo I might throw my hat in for the 2k3's Realm achievement.
I'd say just redo, using maybe same assets but simpler version of mechanics, or all RTP and simplified mechanics.

It would take a very long time to do this. Longer than this event. I was hoping I could get RMTool to work with the Steam version of Rm2k3 but it doesn't seem to function on newer systems, or it's just the steam version.

Boulevard of Broken 2k3 Dreams

If anyone has any tips for how to gut a very large 2k3 project in order to produce a demo I might throw my hat in for the 2k3's Realm achievement.

[RM2K3] it says "dderr_unsupported" but I have the latest directx

Have they tried turning it off and on again?

[RM2K3] Using Labels & Loops in Battle Events?

So I saw a list that said Labels and Loops will work in a battle event if pasted from elsewhere, but noticed the warning when trying it for myself.

Has anyone done this with their own battle events who can confirm it doesn't cause future problems or glitches?

I'm trying to loop things back around more efficiently instead of copying and pasting the same code with each 'what if' scenario. It's making the Battle Event pages gigantic.

At what point do you declare your project "finished"?

There will be time, not to worry, and the trade off is a feeling like no other. The time when they are little, and the stages they go through go by so quickly. Enjoy them.

Game making will always be here waiting for you.

At what point do you declare your project "finished"?

Preemptive congrats on the new addition to the family.

I know this is a month old post but w/e. I'm also seeking an answer to this question. I find myself some days obsessing over the most minute of details and wonder when enough will be enough. Will it ever? lol

I hope you're able to release the shackles of game making successfully when the time comes, and good luck with fatherhood!

Board Game Stages & Levels?

Don't forget about this one!

Ahhh, I knew there was a board game, game somewhere here! This is giving me some good ideas! Thanks!

Board Game Stages & Levels?

What comes to mind initially was Super Girl Squad: Halloween Edition Board Game!, and the Secret Santa write-up I did back in 2016. Though, now that I think more on it, there is a board-game element in this game as well during it's "school phase".

Thanks for these suggestions I will check them out!

Board Game Stages & Levels?

So I'm thinking of implementing a board game style gimmick to a dungeon, though I'm not entirely sure how it will be done yet. I'd love to have the player go up against 3 other NPC's in some way, but this may just be too crazy with all the variables and things that could break along the way. Also, you know, TIME..

What I'm wondering is, what other games have used ideas similar to this? The only one that I can think of is in Banjo Kazooie there was a kind of board game called 'Grunty's Furnace Fun' which was pretty cool. I'm looking for some inspiration!

Besides that, if you have a cool idea yourself, I'd love to hear it, whether it's in regards to mini-games, tiles the player can land on or anything like that.