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[RM2K3] Using Labels & Loops in Battle Events?

So I saw a list that said Labels and Loops will work in a battle event if pasted from elsewhere, but noticed the warning when trying it for myself.

Has anyone done this with their own battle events who can confirm it doesn't cause future problems or glitches?

I'm trying to loop things back around more efficiently instead of copying and pasting the same code with each 'what if' scenario. It's making the Battle Event pages gigantic.

Board Game Stages & Levels?

So I'm thinking of implementing a board game style gimmick to a dungeon, though I'm not entirely sure how it will be done yet. I'd love to have the player go up against 3 other NPC's in some way, but this may just be too crazy with all the variables and things that could break along the way. Also, you know, TIME..

What I'm wondering is, what other games have used ideas similar to this? The only one that I can think of is in Banjo Kazooie there was a kind of board game called 'Grunty's Furnace Fun' which was pretty cool. I'm looking for some inspiration!

Besides that, if you have a cool idea yourself, I'd love to hear it, whether it's in regards to mini-games, tiles the player can land on or anything like that.

Trap Saves

Anyone whose ever played (and beaten) Final Fantasy Tactics on PSX will remember the frustration of the battle at Riovanes Castle when you just couldn't defeat Wiegraf and you were trapped in the save file.

How often do players make multiple save files?

When using Save Points, is it better to save the player from replaying a time consuming area or fight, or should you give them a Save Point and hope they don't get trapped in a situation where they can't defeat a boss/escape?

Steam Deck!

My first thoughts when I saw the Steam Deck announced were, nice! I can get some playtesting done on the go. (as if I need to spend anymore time in Rpg Maker).

How many of you are thinking of getting it as well? If done well I think it could be pretty rad. There's also the bonus of being able to play other steam games as well.

[RM2K3] Stat buff rules

Max stats for party members is 999 (9999 for Hp) however when applying a buff that doubles a stat (Atk/Int/etc), it seems to 'break' the system temporary in a strange way that allows you to surpass these barriers (showing stats past 1000).

I'm wondering what the rules are to this.. is it just a bug? Or are your stats really raised to that point, and if so, and a variable checks the stat, will the past 1000 stat be recorded in the variable properly or will it max out at 999?

I couldn't find anything that talks about this anywhere else and I've looked at the 'numbers guide' post on here many times.

[RM2K3] Weird 'turn deletion' bug

Here I am again with another weird RM2K3 bug..

I'm wondering if one of the frequent users of the steam version of Rm2k3 has encountered this in their own game where during a battle, if you use cast a buff onto an ally (like Mp Regen) and before the animation is complete you also have recipient start using a skill they will just not perform the skill and lose their turn instead.
This happens constantly and can be really annoying for players who are trying to go as fast as possible (perhaps during a timed event/battle).

[RM2K3] All events On/Off & All Variables =0

Does anyone have an easy way, and/or maybe a map that they have created that has an event that sets all other events to off? (and also variables to 0).

I imagine if someone has done a New Game + for their game they might have done something like this.. Maybe I'm just lazy but it will take literal days to switch off all the events manually and set variables to zero (among other things). If anyone has some idea of an easy way to do this it would really help a lot!


What is the consensus with robots and cyborgs regarding electricity?

Does the electricity do damage to them? Does it crit them? Or does it charge them up?

I'm curious to know your thoughts on this. If you can explain why, even better.

[RM2K3] Running animations stuck

I hate to post this here because I thought I could figure it out and I'm certain it's an easy fix (because I got the idea for this from Helen's Secret Castle and it's done properly in that game!) but I'm having an 'issue' with the running mechanic. I used one of the tutorials here (I forget which exactly it's been a while), but really I'm just hoping someone will see this problem and just know how to stop the issue from happening..

ANYWAY.. I have it so that when the player is holding the shift key and presses a direction they 'run' in that direction, so they move faster, but the animation also changes to a running animation.. the problem is that if the player lets go of the directional key (or runs into wall) the animation stays in the 'running' sprite instead of reverting back to the original 'walk' sprite.. and what I mean by this is that they are stuck in the 'middle' animation (which is hunched over in a funny way).

I have wasted long hours trying to fix this every now and again but I just can't seem to find a way to rectify this issue.

[RM2K3] Row movement when characters join mid-combat

So as the title suggests I'm having a major issue with a couple of battles where other party members arrive mid-combat and join you in the battle.

What happens is after the characters are added to the party during battle the whole party is moved to the back row. Is there any way to stop this from happening as it really screws with the flow and makes no sense.
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