Pretty sweet game you've got here.

The name is ok, just have a decent title screen and good screenshots to promote your final product.

The stealth is done well and what happens when you get seen doesn't slow down the gameplay too much.

The tiles and character sprite are polished and your mapping is using them well.

Is the game almost complete or do you still have a lot you want to add to it? Having the game marked as commercial will probably limit the amount of exposure you get on here, as the game search excludes commercial by default. You can always say that the final product will be commercial, but you're getting feedback during development.

Chips Challenge: Ace Edition

As a non Chips player, I found the levels ramped the difficulty pretty well and the information buttons were useful.

I had fun and am inclined to speed run the levels I've completed so far (lvl 13 is evil though).

Dead Moon Night

Really enjoyed the game. I was in awe of the mapping and the battles were fun.

The only problem I had with it would be the respawning enemies in maze like dungeons. It's so frustrating trying to find your way around while dealing with a constant stream of battles. Otherwise, a great game.

Hero: The Princess Pursuit

Thanks for another fun, well mapped and addictive game.

The Logomancer

Great concept and interesting style. The dialogue and general flow of the game is organic and doesn't feel forced.

It's probably the most sophisticated game I've played and will definitely appeal to a more mature audience. Keep that in mind when evaluating feedback on forums like Greenlight.

Monster Hunters: Frost Giant

Quite good so far. A bit of a grind fest at the start, but that's to be expected in a monster hunter style game. Some nice mapping and interesting gameplay changes, the bandit cave was awesome.

The crashes happen (windows 7) randomly when battles start. I just save before and after every fight now.

The only problem I have with the game is I'm not compelled to use anything but basic attack. This could be improved by giving some skills earlier in the game and enforcing skill use though battle mechanics. Skills can also miss which is annoying and I don't always have TP at the start of battle. In general I hate missing attacks, but if skills are there to counter and hit 100% it makes it a bit better.

Ancient Death

Great game. Nice atmosphere, battles, intuitive crafting system and a decent difficulty. It's a shame it hasn't gotten more attention.

Look forward to your next game.

A question...

Thanatos - Secret of Mana
Carltron - Secret of Evermore

Shinwa Ep.1 : The Sacred Stone Kibo

I just finished the episode. It was quite enjoyable and had a good balance of exploring, story telling and fighting. The maps were interesting, puzzles right difficulty and good use of music. Well done and I look forward to episode 2.

Iris Island

How many times have you done the crop crate quest?

I did it twice and it removed the crate from the previous time, but it reduced the reward. Maybe there's limit in the script where it doesn't remove the previous crate after so many completions.
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