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For what it's worth, I checked what I'm guessing is the gamepage in question. I'm noting that you set up an external URL as the main download, and have a link in the game description. This is probably your best option, considering the circumstances.

*Edit: Though, I'm really kinda curious how this game is that large.
Ok, thanks really much
*Edit: My game is large because it has many scripts and 200 common events (I use ABS with common event, also I have anti-hacking/decrypting mode)

Game Submission

In that case, visit Manage Games. There's a few ways to get there, but the fastest is through hovering over your username in the black bar at the top of the site, and the "Manage Games" link there. A page will open with a list of your games that you've been involved with, either by being the developer, tester, or another position that is listed on the gamepage. Click on the game you want, and you'll be sent to another page. It'll be on that page where you can add blogs, downloads, media, and what-not.

*Edit: I dunno if it's this is relevant to your case, but, in regards to uploading onto RMN's server, games greater than 450MB cannot be accepted.

Oh, that's so sad. My game is 545MB

Game Submission

Certain functionality won't be available until a gamepage is accepted. Adding a download (either with a preexisting URL, or uploading to the site's server) is one such thing, as is making blogs, or making an "extra tab" page. Examples that I can think of for an "extra tab" page off the top of my head which are totally not from my own gamepages include this and this

My game has been accept

Game Submission

I have another question: Why I can't insert dowbload link into my game?


Title Screen


Final Battle(just a poster)


New-Style Menu


Action Battle System(ABS) with common event!!!


PC where you can save game
(default save disabled)


Player Status, press C for quick change
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