You know what, as a regular traveller of trains I do not see what the appeal is. Someone make Selphie explain this to me.


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I do not know the appeal of airplanes as well.
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As a sufferer of motion sickness, I agree whole-heartedly. I don't get motion sick on trains anymore though unless I'm reading a book, but gah...not fun to ride, not fun to make.
It's the travel, the travel! You get to see new places and see scenery you haven't seen before!

... Who am I trying to convince? I gave up on this stuff a long, long time ago.
Lol I don't have motion sickness xD it was really hilarious because me and a bunch of classmates were in a minibus, we were trying to go to the beach and the path through it had lots of turns and the road was kinda steep, so the minibus ended up shaking the whole time. After we got off, all of them were complaining how dizzy they got and some even got wobbly haha. I just stared at them like '?!' and my friend was like "Dont you feel anything at all?!" xD

But anyways, used to travel a lot on airplanes to my hometown as kid, so I guess I'm just 'meh' about it. I used to get sharp pains in my ears when I travel (as if a dozen of daggers were stabbing them!!) but thank god they've stopped now ><
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Regarding motion sickness, I haven't found a single boat where I don't feel uncomfortable. Also, I found trains to be relatively comfortable if they are not crowded, although I don't care about the screeching sound of the wheels agains the rails!
Trains are great because they have huge windows so you can see all the pretties. Or if you're really lucky you can sometimes get on really cool old school trains with cabins so it's like being in a lounge but on a train. With sliding doors that go "ccssshhhhhCHUK!" and stuff.

Oh wait, Selphie? Never mind, I thought you said Selphy. Carry on.
I've never been on a train before, but it sounds fun enough. Like Caz said, you can see all the pretties!
I always like reading all the different billboard signs and seeing all the kiddies playing on the basketball court & skating parks to see if any of them are pretty good.

-- Riding on a train is fun!!! :)

(But Selphie makes it all seem like she's going to Disneyland and riding the "Space Mountain" over-and-over again with the way she constantly goes on about the whole thing.)
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