Call me Kricket - I review games at an infrequent pace.

I'm also a whole idiot just enjoying life with my opinions and music.



if all you're gonna say to describe a screenshot is "nice atmosphere," dig a little deeper into your well of feedback and criticism

I know from commenting on a few images people have put up, I feel that I'm under-qualified to make remarks on how a map looks, or how an image looks, because I'm not privy to all the things concerning game make.

Because I've been known in the past to be hyper critical, and I'm never quite sure if that's what people want is someone to look at the image and find a flaw in it and point it out, or if the image is basically the 'finished' image.

>_> Pretty sure I overthink my posts and then simplify it at the end. lol

What's the story with your Username?

My username came from a conversation my wife and I were having about what music I discovered first, which happened to be punk, then metal and so forth. Somehow the conversation turned to our bedroom quirks, such as me always rubbing one leg against the bed to help myself fall asleep easier (not sure how or why it works but does) and she said that it reminded her of a cricket and how they move their legs.

And all of a sudden, boom - Punk_Kricket. Not terribly exciting but at least you know I rub my sheets with my legs at night. So...there's that? lol

Wah, so much to catch up on and it's late where I'm at. Will putter around and see whats up in a bit once I sleep

Jeeeeeez, what did I miss? Came back to 100+ notifications and a plethora of new entries to threads and so on. Been gone because I sorta, kinda, maybe got caught up in playing FF7, Mafia II, and Dragon Quest 7 and simply lost track of time, among my own personal issues.

Which are of the boring, run-of-the-mill type shit. :P

Hope everyone's doing alright.


Nope. Stayed awake and floated around and...


This is thinking way, way, way ahead, but Chronology is coming out this year. How would you guys feel about a remake in a more powerful engine some time later? More to come, but tell me what you think.

A remake wouldn't be a bad thing from a mechanical/aesthetic viewpoint. Retelling the story with a large world, better graphics and in-game mechanics is always welcome so long as it doesn't detract from the overall experience.

I think what you're doing now is fine. Before you're done making it, I would start getting in at some other major(/-ish) indie sites so that you can share your finished project there, too. Get a wide variety of feedback, not just from RMN. Eventually, you can use that to revamp the game, either in Ace with help from artists and coders, or in something else entirely in 10 years. I think it'd be legit to do a "spiritual parallel" or something, like how DQ9 is basically DQ3 but in 3d, or how the latest Lufia game was an action rpg version of Lufia 2.

Keep notes, but I also don't get stuck in the idea of "I'll just do that when I remake this." You might have a far better game concept in the future and never get around to Chronology again.

^and this is something I thought of but they beat me to it. :P

Although, speaking from a gamer and not dev aspect - I'd be curious to see what other worlds you're capable of building. Challenge yourself in seeing what you cna create that isn't Chronology, ya know? :3

Please welcome Feldschlacht IV to the RMN staff! He's going to do some cool community management stuff

Congrats. :3

Haven't been too active due to personal issues...gotta come back around

As sleep goes, you'll find it's easier to both fall asleep and sleep soundly if you get yourself into a routine involving reasonably early nights. I used to do shiftwork. Alternating days and nights with a varied schedule each week, plus I did the late night with video games thing too. Now I work steady day shifts, shoot for 7-9 hours a night, and can't praise the health benefits highly enough.

As for your financial situation, maybe it's time to leave town. It sounds like Deadendsville. Don't let the whole "Don't want to move away from family" thing stop you or your wife. Birds have to venture far from the nest sometimes. You can always visit them.
Also, you'll need an education. This isn't the 70s where people can move from high school into a high paying factory job. Anybody who wants a decent standard of living will need something.
I recommend picking up a skilled trade like Electrician or Instrument Tech. You seem reasonably well read, so you should be able to clobber the courses and exams. Pick a college that has work placements, then make sure you're on top of the class. The rest will be gravy.

I might have to try regulating my sleep schedule in a format similar to what you're talking about. I've found that when I go to bed around nine or ten and manage to sleep straight through the night, I wake up feeling far better and more energetic than I did on nights where I didn't. I had to make a conscious effort to do it, and not simply go 'ah, fuck this' - which tends to be my problem.

And yeaaah...I live in a small town in Georgia (we grow one of the two iconic state exports) and other than a few factories on the outskirts of town, fast food/restaurants along the 'strip' (aka the main road that extends all the way through both towns), there really isn't anything here.

I've held a fondness for a city close-by: Savannah. It's a port city, much to see and do, and we'd still be close enough for friends to visit but still but able to go out and make a life for ourselves.

I was going to college back when I was younger for Marketing Management and Business Management (since I had NO clue what to do at 18), but have since found that I've a love for the medical field. While we're still in this area, I could see about getting back into college and trying for my two business degrees, and then move on to something better.

It'll keep me busy, and the PELL checks would help supplement our income. Just gotta get off my ass and soldier forth to do it.

Haven't been too active due to personal issues...gotta come back around

Just like Kyla said, no rush, just take your time, we'll welcome your awesomeness whenever, just concentrate on the important things like work and family and personal stuff.

It's hard finding work when my 'drive' to do anything plummets as it has been. I've revised my resume numerous times, and actually found out that one of the places I was applying to (Lowes) actually doesn't hire people unless they have one year of retail experience and an Associates Degree in business for most of their front-end positions. I was baffled. O_o

And don't forget to fix that sleep schedule. Eight hours of sleep a day isn't just an old person proverb.

I admit, half the reason I fail to fix it is from late nights with the wife, or I'm gaming and lose track of time. I tend to go until my eyes start blurring up and then I go to bed, but I'm a troubled sleeper. Not sure how to fix that, either. :/

I think the stress from our rent going up next month has gotten to me over the last few weeks. We live in a income-based apartment complex and apparently the company that owns it claims that our apartment isn't making them enough money.

Which...baffled me.

We're going from $435 to $485 on one persons income - which is why I'm trying to find it so the wife doesn't freak out so much at the end of every month.

Haven't been too active due to personal issues...gotta come back around

That's perfectly okay. *hugs*
Take care of yourself first, and if you then have any time to spare, that's kool.

Thank ya. *hugs*

It's been tough. It's difficult to find work where I live. It's more or less a highway town. We've one technical college, one shopping centre, and really nothing else that isn't family owned.

Only thing keeping me sane these days is copious amounts of music.

Haven't been too active due to personal issues...gotta come back around

Between finding work, working on reviewing a game or two in my spare time, going to gym to improve my health and a shit sleep schedule, along with anxiety and depression, I've been a bit absent. Hope that's okay. :/

I'm as responsive as a Snorlax

Snorlax used rest!

That I did. :P

Eh, they can be responsible, if you gave them a berry, they wouldn't eat it unless the conditions of the berry were true!

Plus they are cute, cuddly, sort of like Totoro, and are amazing!

This is true! I didn't think of it that way. XD
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