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Just a dog makin' games. Shoot me a PM anytime!
An open exploration-based puzzle game with a cool dog.


Punkitt Makes Some Art!

Man, I keep seeing this around here. Might as well join in, right?

Here, have some Olli fanart!

Some art for a personal EarthBound-type game:

[RMVX ACE] Creating a bigger character graphic

I'm trying to create a character sheet where the character is slightly bigger than the RTP Charsets. I've seen other RPGs around here (Like Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass) with bigger charsets. How to I make one to my specifications?

What does RMN even STAND FOR?

Rambunctious melancholic nerds?
Ramsay's maddening nanites?
Really messy noodles?

come on guys i need answers

[RMXP] Diagonal Movement script

My friend is making a game in XP, but he can't find a diagonal movement script anywhere. I can't seem to find one, either. I don't have the engine, but does anyone have access to a script like that that they could use?

[RM2K3] Can't Get The Installer Working

I've been trying to send a friend of mine some work for a game I've been doing, but every time I send over an installer for the game they can't seem to get it to work. I have the official english version for RM2k3, by the way!

[RM2K3] Making Animated Battle Backgrounds

Alright, so, I'm doing an RM2k3 game and I wanted to spice up the backgrounds a bit because the normal, flat backgrounds are very boring. It's a face-on kind of battle view, like in the MOTHER series. Cognitive Dissonance, a MOTHER fangame, did it in RM2k3 and had a black background with moving patterns in it, which I'd love to learn to do. Ollimio has moving backgrounds as well.

I'd love to do something in the style of either of those. Does anyone know how I could do something like these with RM2k3?

(An example image for Cognitive Dissonance:)

New guy here! This place is pretty cool.

Ey! My name is Punkitt, and in my free time I dabble in art and game design. I'm currently going through school but I intend to be pretty active here!

...oh, shoot, how do I do this...?
Hrm. Interesting facts?
•I live in Washington in a mostly rural area!
•I got eight cats. Crazy right?
•The MOTHER series is one of my favorites and what got me into game design and help develop my strange sense of humor.
•I like a lot of western animation and have a huge amount of respect for the people who make them!
•My favorite RPGMaker is 2k3.
•I did some music and artwork for the fangame Cognitive Dissonance back when I was a very irresponsible thirteen-year-old. (I'm much better now! I'm pretty mature, I think.)
•I'm a generally understanding and happy person. Not going to pick any fights!
•I will, however, give criticism if I think you need it. I want to see you improve!
•I've done a lot of SMBX stuff too, so expect to see some of that!
•My username is a combination of "punk" and "kitten." I mean, when you break the two down into separate words it sounds dumb, but the combination is cool, I swear!
...shoot, I've revealed my secret!

Anyhow, yeah! Happy to be here and happy to show off what I can do.
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