Don’t Throw Away That 2k3 Just Yet

I'm a little late to this party, but since having gotten back into RM2K3, I would just like to get my say in.

I've been using RM2K3 for years now. I do own both RMXP and VXAce (thank you very much, Steam. And while I have attempted to make games with the latter engines I always end up going back to 2K3 because that's what I'm comfortable with. And with the RM2K3 getting the official translation and release on Steam, in my opinion, it has breathed new life into the engine.

My issue with VXAce and XP is. I cannot script. I haven't the mindset for it, and I've got too many useless talents in my head and not enough room for scripting. So say if I wanted to make a game using VXAce, I'd have to hunt around for the scripts I want to use, check the compatibility, and if I plan on using a CMS or CBS then I'd better learn the basics of ruby so I can at the very least edit the settings to tailor it to my needs. whereas with 2K3 I can simple start a new project, and away we go.

Basically all that nonsense I typed out in a nutshell: I ain't smart, or talented enough to use the newer, flashier engines.

Guard Detection Using Field-Of-View

I'm currently using the guard detection to make a dungeon where if you sneak by unnoticed, at the end of the dungeon you get a powerful item, if you get spotted too many times you get a real crap item.

Guard Detection Using Field-Of-View

This helped me out a great deal with a dungeon that involved a lot of sneaking, it certainly adds another level of gameplay besides the standard random encounters, thank you very much for sharing this with us.
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