Whatchu reading?

I'm not sure if this has been done already, so forgive me if it has. but what are you guys reading?

I'm currently reading James A Corey's Leviathan Wakes, a kick-ass sci-fi book. but for late night reading I read the Necronomicon.

Share what you're currently reading, and your thoughts on said reading material.

[RMVX ACE] Conditional Branch help

forgive me father, for I need help again. It has been 22 days since I last asked for help.

With the conditional branch, is there anyway of checking how many times a player has saved their game, so for example.

Conditional Branch: Script: Player has saved x times


Branch End

Is it possible to check?

[RMVX ACE] title screen using events.

Here I am again, you guys really must be sick of me.

I'm making a custom title screen on RMVX Ace using events, I've got a method that works flawlessly on 2K3, but on VX Ace just will not play ball, the 'cursor' goes all over the place and it is driving me insane.

Cursor Y = 8 being New Game, Cursor y = 9 being Load Game, and Cursor Y = 10 being Quit Game.

The issue might come from VX Ace not having the key input process command that 2K3 had.

[RMVX ACE] Scripts required for survival horror game. (willing to pay)

At the moment I am using VX Ace to work on a survival horror game called Skinnyman, that is what I'd like to call a love letter to the original (and good) Silent Hill games, and I am after someone who can make the following scripts:

1) A 1-person menu system (like Silent Hill or Resident Evil.)
2) An edit to the save screen that only shows player location and time.
3) A script that I cannot mention here because spoilers.

To whomever replies. I am willing to pay for your hard work, and I look forward to hear from you soon.

(Please feel free to contact me here, or through private message.)


It's me again, with another question. In another topic I mentioned the desire to make a RPG Maker horror game, And I recently acquired the resources to do so (VX Ace DLC) Now I don't know a thing or two about RGSS, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to an ABS script that would work in a horror environment. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

[RM2K3] Tilesets

First off. I'd like to apologise for asking so many questions on here. I feel like I'm clogging up the forum with my crap.

Sedony. With Steel Spirit SaGa, I tried to stick to using Mack and Blue tilesets, in an attempt to create some sort of consistency in the game. However, there are some dungeons that can't be achieved using all Mack and Blue, do I try and make do with what I have with a few edits here and there, or do I start using different tilesets?

And please don't tell me to switch to VXAce or XP or something, as much as I'd love to. I've invested too much in the RM2K3 to switch everything over.

[RM2K3] Which title screen do you prefer?

So I'm looking at the title screen to Steel Spirit SaGa, and I had an idea to change it, and I'm wondering which of the two title screens people prefer.

This is the new title screen (the picture at the bottom changes each time you load the game up.)

This is the original.

A simple question [RM2K3]

So I use RPG Maker 2003. And The two games I have planned, both use ripped graphics. Is this ok? I mean, I have no intention of making money from my games, as it's more of a hobby to distract myself from the more depressing aspects of my life. But I recall seeing somewhere that ripped graphics are considered taboo. I mean, I am no spriter, yeah I can do edits here and there, but to make everything from the ground up, I'm just not skilled enough to do so. Should I basically give up because my only redeeming quality is story writing?

[RMsK3] I am at my wits end

(I have scoured google, and my search proved fruitless)

I'm trying to create parallax scrolling with RPG Maker 2003, having two pictures that scroll across the screen at varying speeds to create the illusion of depth. However I just can't seem to get the pictures to scroll perfectly, there's always a giant gap or a 'jump' in the scrolling and it is driving me insane. If there are any pointers anyone could give me It would be greatly appreciated.

This is what I've got in the event editor so far.

And this is the picture I'm using, the dimensions are 640x240


The village of Clackerty Wold was a quiet village, not many people lived there, and not many people visited, either. The people over Clackerty Wold more often than not kept themselves to themselves, they did not shun outsiders, but anyone passing through wasn't exactly welcome, either. There was one main road that went through Clackerty Wold, which was the only way in and out, and surrounding the village was a dense forest, a vast labyrinth of gnarled, dead trees that swayed slowly, and solemnly in the autumn breeze.

A family were driving through the sleepy village of Clackerty Wold, as they drove by, the noticed that a large number of the houses were boarded up, some were simply abandoned, the black windows against the whitewash gave the houses the appearance of skulls, looking down at the family as they drove down the main road. As the family were approaching the exit to Clackerty Wold their car broke down. The father got out of the car and lifted up the bonnet, unable to find out what was wrong with the car, he had no choice but to knock on the door of a nearby house and ask if he could use the telephone, the wizened old man told the father that he did not have a telephone, and that he would have to go to the post office down the road. At the post office, while waiting for someone to serve him. The father noticed that pinned to a notice board were numerous missing persons posters, the father examined each and every poster, he noticed that the majority of missing persons were little girls, all between the age of seven to ten, each of them were last seen playing, some were playing in the street, others were playing in their back gardens, but it was apparent that each child had been playing outside when they went missing, one girl in particular caught the fathers attention, a little girl named Suzy Daniels, she looked to be a pretty girl, her hair was in cute pigtails and she wore a pretty little necklace. The father had finally made the phone call he needed to make, the man on the other end told him that a repair vehicle would be with them in a short amount of time, and the father decided he would treat his children to some chocolate, and they would wait in the car until they were able to continue on their journey. Back at the car the father noticed that his wife and son were fast asleep, and that his daughter was nowhere to be found, he woke up his wife and asked where their little girl had gone, the wife said that a girl had asked if their daughter wanted to play, so she got out of the car and went to play with her new friend.

Worried, the father began knocking on doors in the village asking if anyone had seen his daughter, those who did answer shook their heads before shutting the door on the father. An hour had passed, and with no luck the father walked back to the car, he saw out of the corner of his eye his daughter skipping down a side street with a girl about her height who had cute pigtails in her hair, a girl who looked remarkably like little Suzy Daniels. The father chased after them and leapt over a fence, catching his foot on a loose plank, he saw his daughter and the little girl running into the dense forest, laughing playfully as they disappeared from sight. The father picked himself up and nursed his bruised knee, he looked up when he heard the sound of creaking wood in the distance, he went into the forest following the sound until he stumbled across the torn shreds of his daughters red polka dot dress, caught on the twisting branches of a tree, and intertwined into an exposed root were her pretty red shoes.
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