College student and pretty hard core anime addict ( some call me an otaku ). I've been writing scenarios for a manga/comic I'd like to make once I'm satisfied with my art, till then I'll be making short games that take place in the world that manga will take place in.
I'm mainly a scripter, but I can do little spriting and drawing but my shading isn't all that good. My weak point is my writing, I can't describe scenes as well as I imagine them.


[Poll] What type of explore system for a trpg?

So I've been working on a trpg for awhile. I can't decide what type of exploration system I want to use. Not really sure if that is even the right term. Anyways here's 3 examples of what I mean.

World Map:
Player moves around on a world map, with a "Home" town where he can pick up quests/missions/next story line.
Ex: Final Fantasy Tactics

Menu System:
Kind of a regular menu, except you have you have access to shop and story. When you click on story, it takes you to the next story line where you have a cutscene of whats going on, then a battle. After the battle you have another cutscene of the outcome, then it takes you back to the menu.
Ex: Gungnir

A small map with NPCs:
Just a regular map of the characters "Home". In this map you can talk to npcs that take you to the shops or a recruiting menu to add new players. There's also a "Teleport" npc that takes you to the next story line.
Ex: Disgaea

There more example games. But I feel those 3 are strong examples of the categories.

I'm thinking of going with the menu based one, because I never really like the small map versions and the world map would be nice but then I'd have to draw out a map lol. Anyways I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
Also for the menu/small map. For the Story npc/menu, would it be better to just go straight to the next story line, or have the option of replaying passed story lines? Most of the small map games have the option of replaying so I guess this was directed more for the menu based.

I also put an Other choice. If you have an idea or seen another type let me know!
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