I'm Mark, and I'm all about Lynchian-surrealist horror with Lovecraftian eldtritch abominations sprinkled on top, all served with a nice hot dose of build-your-own-follow-the-breadcrumbs-your-way kinda stories. My game might be pretty good, if I ever finish it.


The Widower
No more secrets.



Blood Shard

Haven't for a long time unfortunately. Still something I'd like to come back to though, so I wouldn't write it off completely just yet.

The Widower

Thank you everybody!

Demo progress is unfortunately only going as far as a Panera Bread paid wallet can take me every month for the artwork, which isn't much on top of everything else. I'm done with the exterior work for the farmhouse and now we're onto the inside, where the majority of the increasingly surreal demo will take place.

Expect it to be something akin to the lovechild of Twin Peaks' black lodge, PT and Lone Survivor. It's gonna be messed up as all hell.


Me too! It's a little difficult to sideview-ize a few tiles, but I'll work it out~


Thanks! It's getting there. I've been doing a lot of condensing recently, which is really helping me with making progress and not feeling like this is a huge, massive, impossible idea, haha. So yeah, there are some new features involved that I'm gonna show off soon, watch this space!


It's actually a lot less effort than you'd think - the side maps are 34093450x easier to do than the others, and I can get way more done way quicker which is really cool.

I actually fixed up a forest part and it was a little like Abe's Odyssey, haha.


Holy crap bad, holy crap good? :p

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Yeah it was my first time doing pixel art from scratch, so I was kinda winging it mostly haha.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Learning how to art by myself is fun

I like Lone Survivor okay

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Part of me really wants to make the rest of the Oneirophrenia maps like this, alas there aren't many tiles that have a total side-view perspective. Admittedly, they might not be too difficult to make.

The Screenshot Topic Returns