Messing with music

I recently got a new music making program, so I messed with it and came up with some sort of techno-looping thing... I don't know if it can be used in any games, but enjoy... and by the way, most of it is just edits from the maker's default beats... except there are some original things that I cant seem to make loud enough to hear properly.

If anybody is familiar with Magix Music Maker 12, tell me how to edit volume on the Revolta tracks please... that's what I used mostly in this piece... hopefully once I figure out the software I can make more original music with it.

Techno Loop

GEX file extensions

I was looking around for a tutorial in something I was going to try for a friend (he uses gamemaker7) and I just found it a few days ago. However, it is in a strange file format, GEX. I have searched all over and I cannot find out how to read the dang thing. Do any of you know how to read GEX files, or at least how to convert it into something readable?

A Turotial I submitted

I just finished submitting a tutorial in RPG Maker XP, but it didn't appear in my submission panel... I am not sure if anything was already said about this being an existing glitch, but I just want to make sure it got in. I am sorry if this topic isn't the appropriate way to handle this, so if it is, lock it and tell me what to do please. I worked hard on that tutorial (months of development and about hours of writing) so I don't want it to go to waste.

Helping a friend with RM2k

A friend on another forum asked me for help in developing a battle system in RPG Maker 2000, which I am not too familiar with. I developed it as best as I could and he seems to like it, but there is one thing I can't do, and thats figure out how to add multiple party members into the system. The codes are long and could be seen as sloppy, and I apologize for that; like I said RM2k isn't my specialty. I am posting the link below. To any RM2k expert out there, please tell me if it is possible to make it so that this battle system can support multiple party members.


And remember, I just did this to my friends specifications, and he just asked me to find help in how to do this. Thank you.

Windows Movie Maker importing help

This is a simple problem (I hope). I have been working on my movie to my Zelda fangame, and so I started by looking for music to go with it. I found one, but it's in MIDI format, which can't be imported into Windows Movie Maker. Is there a way past this? And if not, is there a way to convert the file format into some recognizable format?

Truth be told, I would prefer a converter if one exists. I could use it for so many other things and purposes.

Strange Lag in VX

I've been working on my VX prokect, and there is a scene in it where the player has to time the activation of a button so that at the end of an animation cycle, an event will react at a specific spot. Hard to explain really, but here's the problem. WHen timed so that the event and end of animation are at the right spot, nothing happens, but it activates when the event is in the right spot while the animation starts, so it looks like a target going sown as a cannon fires, not as it hits. So I thought I needed to increase the wait interval. I do, but again, same issue, no matter how large the interval. To troubleshoot (and test another improtant scene) I tried to increase the lapse of an animation cycle, and I get the same error.

I know that probably doesnt make a lot of sense, but can anyone help me? I need to get this scene working.

Esc. Key Glitch

For those who read my RS! day entry, I advertised a glitch on the Esc., X, and 0 keys not opening the menu. I doubt it will happen to you, because I juust tried out games from other makers, and I noticed the same error... on all makers and all games of said makers, I cannot open the menu. All 3 keys work fine on any other program (you can see X and 0 work fine) but just not in RPG Makers anymore...

Is there a way to fix this? It is becoming quite bothersome.

Odd event glitch

Ok, this is a really weird problem thast I can't seem to overcome...

Basically, as I start to add new events in my map, other events won't complete their process... for example...

I make a code for an enemy's attack, a simple thrust. It only deals with one switch and one vvariable. Once I made it, another event... a trap... will not activate...
It will have the switch move dow, but the trap will not activate and the game freezes!

Does anybody know how to help?

Computer Resolution Glitch

Ok, I don't know where else to go, so somebody please help me!!!

I just tried out the Angel & Devil game, and as soon as I opened it, the game closed and forced my computer to reboot. Now I'm stuck in 800X600 resolution and 4 bit color. Troubleshooting does squat, and the help windows do nothing! It keeps saying the drivers can't be found...

Please help! I can't stand my computer being like this!

Offset avatars???

Okay, this is a problem that only happens every now and again, but has been getting morwe frequent.

When I read a forum, sometimes, the usernames are offset to the left and get cut off so I can only see part, like for mine, "iversee" is all I see. And sometimes, the avaters are offset in either direction, causing it to either be cut off, or to block some text. This only happens with avatars larger than mine, or about the same size.

Anyway, does this only happen to me? Does anyone else have this problem?

??? ??? ???
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