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I Vanquished the Empire as a Kid and Now the Economy is Crap

The slime bridges in the main dungeon were fine. It's just the optional one that is frustrating since those two slimes in the middle hop on the spaces next to each other. So you have to move immediately unless you want to be sent back to the beginning.

I Vanquished the Empire as a Kid and Now the Economy is Crap

In the first bear puzzle, if you don't fight the slime underneath the spikes that's blocking that narrow passage. Say you go back into Cheron's dwelling to heal. The next time you send the bear to deactivate the spikes, that slime will not move and thus it's impossible to progress. Since it won't move, you would have to stand up the retracted spikes tile to engage it but then the spikes would come right back up since the bear will only step on that switch briefly.

Slow does not immediately take effect. It only reduces enemy speed when there's 1 turn duration left.

Disperse seems more like a skill for a tank who draws aggro. In the Demo, this rarely has use since enemies attack randomly and you are better off having Konbon cast spells to finish the battle ASAP.

The Turtle is a scam artist. You pay 300 gold to be brought to the part of the rain forest with several chests rather than across the bridge.

The timing on the slime bridge to reach that miniboss was kinda annoying. Specifically the two slimes near the midsection checkpoint.

I like that unlike typical RPGs
instead of killing the goblins, the heroes take a peaceful approach and teach them have to provide for themselves. Goblin village! Peaceful coexistence between goblins and humans.
The town upgrading aspect sounds promising.


We had a popular science show on TV. We weRE rich and famous.

Mendy was quite unexpected. Her bond event was amusing, as was her comment that she's 'fresh, never frozen' when asked if she was cold.
Mendy: 'Insults Kal'
Kal: I didn't know I'd be gettin' world class customer too! Wow!

Mendy: We don't have any wimpy vegan food, you degenerate...

Grinding 500 creds to get the Hammer of Truth was kind of annoying. Worth it though since it severely boosts Sloppy's mediocre normal attack damage.

The Finny boss fight
was pretty disappointing compared to Slash and Vira. Then again, those two are powerhouses and Finny's power is from having tons of slave labor/money/robots.

You're also limited to 3 characters so I suppose the battle couldn't be too overwhelming.

Also I just knew Rumor's death was coming up when there wasn't a bonding event for him in Twin City.

I will say that Mendy is the weakest character. Her strongest attack is Frosting. It deals 30-ish dmg and applies 3 turn DoT. She later learns Food Fight which does about x1.5 that. And Smug Reply does single digit dmg. She has tons of MP so you could increase the cost of these skills to raise their dmg.

I feel like she could have more defensive utility like Sloppy's skills considering she has high Armor/Haven/Speed. De/buffs and status effects would also work. Besides her heal, she doesn't offer anything to the team except pure dmg.

Handguntula (Mendy): Torch Buddy gives the same atk boost but with PK too.

Liberty Shirt (Mendy) doesn't increase max HP when worn.

Goth Pants (Omen) adds +5 max HP instead of the stated 10.

Buster's shop sells B-Fly Knife but you already get a free one from the Hornet guy behind the tournament building in Smash City. Gucci also has Squirt Gun which is the same but gives her a Water skill.

EDIT: Okay, so Smash City gets a new gun for Gucci after the carnival. Twisty Gun, which is an unnecessary expense cause it's not any stronger than Squirt Gun and the extra 10 MP is negligible at this point with your surplus of food.

Sunshine City's music is definitely one of my favorites

You finally get to fight Body Squeezers, which were shown multiple times as being death sentences once they spot you
but at this point you're strong enough where they're just a slightly stronger miniboss.

Monica boss battle
was actually somewhat challenging with her Anxiety debuffs and paralysis attack. Well, probably because she targets Tilda for paralysis, knocking my main dmg dealer out of commission for a few turns.

Raid needs to join at a higher level. Cause I fought a ton of monsters just to reach Sunshine City and then several more in the Carnival itself. I would say level 11 is good. All my grinding had my characters ranging from 13 - 15.

Monica's distorted melted appearance reminded me of what mutated Posh looked like. It makes me wonder about the origins of the 'Queen of Monsters'...

RIP Phede. You died like you lived; as a badass.

So one faction eliminated, one repelled for the time being, a third that you're tentatively allied with.
But now Cramp, who is indeed the guy who explained the world's decline in the intro scene, is revealed to be running a Death Cult and Slash and her group are now working for him. And they've set their sights on Utopia, the paradise whose inhabitants lived carefree from the suffering of the outside world.

It would have been nice if House Centipede (inflicts Sick) were available earlier. Hope the patch adds more status/buff/debuff items.

Maxing a bond and unlocking that character's Ultimate skill is a really nice feeling.

A badass way to go, Huppo. He may have been simple-minded but he had a big heart.

Slash's final trick was quite terrifying and an interesting change of pace.

Final Dungeon
A museum depicting the beauty of the past. An untainted world that no longer exists.

A scientist who started out with the noble goal of reducing trash production only to slowly descend into desperation, unethical experimentation, madness, resentment, and finally a goal of committing genocide.

An experiment named Cute Boots... Gucchi chose that name for your Brawl-a-thon team.

Gucchi... gawd, she made the ultimate sacrifice. Erased herself from existence, from history, because she loved her friends so much that she would literally give her all to save them.

It hurt when time rewinded and I checked the party menu only to see her gone. It hurt even more when Tilda asked where Gucchi was and everyone was confused.

It didn't help matters with the elevator conversation that lead up there. Where Gucchi wanted everyone to stay in touch after they completed the mission. She was gonna be Lady's lab assistant! But now her dreams will never come true! All her actions were retconned! And the worst part is that no one will ever know the pivotal part she played in saving the world.

Final Boss
Woah, just woah. Cramp's final gambit is an insane work of art. This is one of the most impressive final boss I've ever seen.

The reality warping and changing the character portraits from anime, to cartoon, to realistic, etc.

Every encounter before this was straightforward spamming your strongest attacks but this battle messes with your mind.

Even when you defeat him, he doesn't let that stop him. He traps you all in your ideal mental worlds so you will dream forever.

An ideal world where the world has healthy green vegetation, is clean of trash, and running on solar power. A world where Tilda has a mom and instead of struggling to survive in the wastelands, the only complication in her life is studying for high school tests.

...A world where her dead friends are still alive.

Seeing Huppo again. Seeing Phede again. The feels...

Phede looks cute in that art style. His blush~

Aaaahhh, Gucchi! I love how the memories of her friends give Tilda a final goodbye before trying to remind her to wake up from this fake world.

The glitchy, fragmented, blurry, and flickering really convey the feeling that the dream is breaking apart.

The spirits of Sloppy's friends bringing her back from despair! It's a really triumphant moment.

You've really done a spectacular job. What better way to show the power of their friendship than to have it surpass death!? Sloppy gains access to Memory attacks incorporating her friends fighting style/powers and that is just so badass on an emotional level.

Mom: You have college exams next weak.

I'm really glad I saw and played this game. The art style might turn people away but this was a masterpiece of storytelling and character development. The credits song was beautiful~


Hope you're not getting annoyed by my semi-frequent progress reports.

Some typos
'Talk after Bonding event' Sloppy: Although, I think hwe was only trying to be nice...

Cramp: But you can just called me Cramp.

Posh's Passata Sotto should have a status icon indicator to show when it wears off.

What does the Drunk status do?

Went to Smash City and got another character to join my party. Are we Gucci? No, but she is! Now we've got an energetic character oozing with positivity. She even makes a Gurren Lagann and Naruto reference at the same time. Must be into anime.

Bought the Cigar (for Rumor), AirGun for Sloppy because she really needs the speed boost, and the bonding time gifts of course. The Belle dress and Stabomatic aren't worth getting unless you do a lot of grinding in Desolate Zone.

Save scum the clown's gambling game so that you get the 1-time prize with minimal cred spending. Talk to the green haired cowgirl in the tournament lobby for 50 creds after you've done some battles there.

I managed to defeat the Tournament boss:

Except Vira is unfortunately another hopeless boss fight like Slash. So I also don't get any special prize for doing this either. I was actually expecting Slash's group to crash the party since Gucci described them as the killers of her previous team.

The Hornet Base
prison edition was just as hilarious as the Factory. I love how they have a clown as a prisoner just to lighten the atmosphere. And Tommy got captured but they think he's an imposter because "the real one never praised them", haha.

Just remembered that Tenchi's former pupil is Vira as she knows Meditation. We learn that her mutant ability is that she grows stronger the more enemies she faces/the more people that are watching her. So that probably played a role in her forming a cult.

New person to hate
Cramp, whose honeyed words lead to Posh's grotesque transformation and subsequent death. Really looking forward to killing him and Slash

The monsters on the snowy part of the map are actually weaker than the ones around the Hornet Base.

A candy store run by Hancel and Gertel... that's clever. I'm not seeing their alleged creepiness that the townie outside said. Besides the Gingerbread, their candy is nothing special. Brat Bar is especially weak. Food that give status effects when eaten would give more variety than different aesthetics/cost efficiency.

You can't work at their store during break time which is kinda a shame cause I'm sure they'd pay me much more fairly than that nitpicker Mary.

It's funny how the winter gear for Huppa is... just a hat.

New party member! ...But they're kinda underleveled. Even if you don't grind, you should still be level 6/7 at this point. So it's disappointing that they join at level 5.

Phede already has high speed so no need to buy Punishoes. Especially since
he's apparently gonna die later. Scrappy, Posh, and now another is slated to die. Such misfortune. This game really does not hold back its punches.

Huppa's 3rd bonding event provided a much needed laugh
Huppa: Cow is name of girl hippo. You not know things? Tilda, you need to learn things.

Who knew we'd have to teach a hippo man how to date a girl?

These are some great quality bonding events. Sloppy in particular has come far from the quiet girl she was at the start.

The Covid reference was nice. Later on at the Mall, we even get to
buy face masks and toilet paper, haha. 100 Creds for one roll!? Food is cheaper than that.

Though it's a 3-use full heal for Tilda so the price fits. Still an unnecessary expense imo. We have healing at home! Err, I mean food to-go.


West of Loathing! That's what I forgot that it reminded me of. It's an RPG where characters have simple graphics (stickman figure), there's a running gag where you stick your hand in gross spittoons (the process always described in horrifying detail) for special equips, and resources/money are scarce so you have to use them wisely.

I really like that you can kill Merchants to steal their stock. It's really satisfying since NPCs with that sprite tend to be sleazy or rude. I've played some roguelike games so I'm quite fond of the 'Shoplift and die' concept. I know the Merchant guy on the world map of the Desolate Wastelands is supposed to roadblock you until you reach that part of the story but man, he really made me want to kill him for saying 'I'm not moving; too bad for you!'.

Buster though, I'm cool with. He may be a store owner but that 'Thieves killed: 14, Don't be next' sign is badass and unlike the Bar Manager, he doesn't cheap out on job payment.

The Luck stat, from my understanding, affects dodge/hit rate and maybe a slight chance in getting initiative (surprise the enemies). Sick/Fire/Freeze are all HP DoTs, though Anxiety's (or rather, Rumor's Fluster skill) description 'makes it weaker' is vague compared to Trash Talk which directly says it reduces enemy Atk.

Tilda's Dark Gore description says 'Does damage!' I think 'dark' is missing?

Phede's catchphrases when he uses his guns made battles more entertaining since there's so many lines he can say. There's some references in them like 'Garbage Day!'.

The worldbuilding is great and also how the faction leaders
Vira, Monica, and Finny
are alluded to by their actions in the world and NPCs. It really builds up the tension and mystery for when you finally encounter them.

I'm playing Normal Mode and through careful save scumming/restarting battles, I minimized consumption of food by spreading out dmg on my entire party. After defeating the first boss, I carefully exterminated all the enemies where the Hornet guys used to block and finally took on the Merchant (who you can kill easier after you've leveled up/bought Buster equips) before triggering the game's first full heal event.

Bought Torch Buddy for Tilda, Power Glove for Huppa. Bought the Mind Tattoo in Gateway City which is the best option (boost her skills). The HP Tattoo is the worst since stats have a lot more value. HP just sits there. It doesn't increase your overall dmg or reduce dmg taken.

In the Desolate Wastelands, the nastiest enemy is actually the Spider Can. Its fast, its bite attack deals higher dmg than Wizard or Junker, and it also can inflict Sick on top of all that. Maybe have it drop something to compensate? Like 'Acidic Soda' one-use item that inflicts Burn and also temporarily melts their defense. Would give you more options in battle.

After fighting the boss in Gateway City
Mayor Slaybot
, you get another full heal. So I squeezed out as much exp grinding as I could in the Desolate Wastelands beforehand (without consuming food) by reloading til enemies primarily attacked Phede or Huppa. Limiting myself to 2 Blood Spurts/1 Trash Talk/1 Skullcrack each battle to conserve MP.

Posh and Phede's normal attacks are enough until they get
Heel Slice and NeoBlast respectively

While you can board the cruise ship immediately, fighting sea monsters has worth since they have a good chance to drop Ribbon Meats, saving you lots of Creds. There is a full heal on the ship but it costs all your Creds. There is however a shop on board so what you do is blow all your money on food and then you use the full heal.

Side note: I like the running gag of rifling through trash only to find disgusting things or disappointment. The slot machine
radiated cockroach
is one of the best ones yet. Examining things will subtly tell you how these children grew up not knowing what beds, slot machines, or elevators are. They may be presented in a humorous way 'Posh says you give money to slot machines and they sometimes give your money back. You don't see a point in them' but it's quite horrifying when you think of how much general knowledge was lost due to pollution, the apocalypse, and many children having no one to teach them these things. This is a world where might makes right. Where kindness is a good way to be taken advantage of or killed. Only the strong can afford to be kind. It reminds me of Scrappy's bonding event where she said "People might piss me off but I don't want us all to be wiped out. And for every 5 awful people, there's 1 good one out there.'

After the cruise ship, new characters join
Sloppy in particular it's best to never use Body Slam when it's better saved on Moral Support

Tilda's Decoct isn't useful until the miniboss in Mushroom Forest and the boss
where they start having enough HP that Boiled deals enough dmg to become an efficient use of her MP. Although, that boss is a special case since they have Regeneration, prolonging the battle enough where you will run ouf of MP if you spam Blood Spurts. So use Decoct and then start firing Blood Spurts.

The bonding events are really great. They give surprising depth to some party members like Huppa and Posh. You think they're just dumb muscle and a snobby girl but there's more to them than that. Posh's rudeness is charming in its own way
like when you examine the food in the Junkyard and it says she took it as "payment" for staying behind
and I've come to realize that her backstory is pretty messed up. Her parents—the people who are supposed to be trustworthy and love you unconditionally—threw her out into the Wastelands like yesterday's trash to fend for herself. She went from never having to work a single day of her life to struggling to survive. She had to (partially) grow up from her entitled attitude, redirect her rudeness and hone it into a weapon as sharp as her rapier to defend herself. If you look beneath the surface level, you'll find she's an interesting character with abandonment issues and that her desire for a boyfriend is partially because she wants someone trustworthy; who will love and protect her.


The kids are as casual about murder as South Park characters, save points and humorous examine text are reminiscent of Undertale.

I find it amusing that monsters
Queen's Ship
sell food cheaper than humans. Sure, they want to rip you apart but at least they're not ripping you off.

The Hornet Factory was the funniest section so far. The Hornets made me feel like I was dealing the the incompetent antics of Team Rocket's trio
Scrappy: Oh! Oh! Can we do my plan instead?
Rumor: Uh... Yeah, I was just gonna make it up as I went along.

We're new recruits.
Hornet: Oh, okay. I choose to believe that without asking further. Let me put you in our system.

It's a trash can. The guy standing next to it moved it over here so he wouldn't be lonely.

Holding cell sign has a smiley face on it.

I also loved the "fatherly pride" that Tommy had for his ex-soldiers.

Upon defeating the Factory's boss (which I chose to grind a ton to level 6/7 in Desolate Wastelands):
Slash: Hmph. You guys must have had nothing better to do than run around and kill Squidloons all day.

My thoughts: Well, screw you.

Scrappy: Y-you... You hurt my sister...

Scrappy: No... No! No one hurts my sister and gets away with it. Not even you!

Scrappy: I know your type! All you do is hurt people! It's all you can do! All you do is destroy!

Slash: Yeah? What else do you have to say before I kill your fat, worthless sister? Really, let me have it!

Scrappy: I... I've never told anyone this, but me and Sloppy really do have powers like the others!

Slash: What's your power? I want to know before I kill her. Makes it more fun!

Scrappy: W-When our friends are in trouble, and they desperately need our help...
We'll do anything we can do protect them! I would give anything for my sis! And my new friends!

And right now that means kicking the ever living shi-

Let me just say that was a cruel stab in the back. I mean, you clearly know it's coming when Slash is baiting Scrappy to continue talking and Tommy even tries to warn here. But it's still jarring and it doesn't help that those Freaks (except the Robot making lady who probably has morals) start eating her corpse immediately.

Slash has now earned my undying hatred. Scrappy will be missed dearly.

Guy: I'm glad Posh is back in town. She's pretty. Probably the prettiest girl in town. Much prettier than you!

My thoughts: Bold words to say to someone who can boil your blood.

Tilda realizing how harsh jobs are for females. This game suddenly became too real:
The Bar Manager hands you 10 Creds. He says he'd like to pay you more, but at the end of the day he's got to look our for himself.

My thoughts: Well, if you're gonna be extort me like that, I'm gonna take cathartic joy in choosing the other option where I pop that guy for calling me crude things.

G-1000 is a weapon that costs 100 and gives +2 PK Power. But Torch-Buddy gives +2 Atk/+2 PK Power for 60. It's a more expensive downgrade but considering it looks like a helmet, I'm assuming it was incorrectly classified when it's supposed to be a head equip.

AL-15 (110 Creds) is only +1 Atk from Phede's starter weapon. So not really worth it. Speaking of Phede, I like how after you do his 2nd bonding event, Tilda's Burn Book entry on him updates with
Phede's Likes: Me? uwu
I thought that was a cute touch.

Also, as I mentioned before, I did a ton of grinding. Well, since two characters had temporarily left the party beforehand, they are now 3-4 levels below everyone which is really upsetting as if a character had died in battle and made their exp meter go out of sync with everyone else.

If you could make it so that even characters that left the party (but aren't in reserve) gain exp, that'd be lovely.
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