[Full Version] Demon Destiny 1

Even the demo blew me away...keep up the good work man...this game kicks arse

Pokemon Invasion "VERY EARLY TEST DEMO"

If you want i'll help with this game too as well as Fatal Fantasy if you will allow me to


I would like to know if anyone knows of a way to make a patch or what have you for RM2k3 cuz i want to change the resolution of the Database of the Goliath patch so those with older computers can use it due to the fact that the patch must be used at a 1280*900 resolution and most older computers can only handle a smaller resolution than that of course so if ya know how or know of a place where i can learn all will be appreciated

~Thanks in advance~


What comes to mind from the username above you?

A nobleman named nick or dick or rick

What comes to mind from the username above you?

A wannabe Japanese ninja who does nothing but watch japanese cartoons all day long trying to act out each part perfectly...

Rate the above person's avatar.

Looks like either a little kid drew it or some one drew it with no clear thought...but since i know the guy i'll give it a 7/10

What comes to mind from the username above you?

A guy who has some weird and unnatural pants fetish...

*cough* loser *cough*

What's wrong?
Did my text offend you?



Done, Gone, Finito

DOn't worry he willbe back after all I did pretty much the same thing and I've never left...

RPG Studio Easiest Fastest Creating Online RPG

WOW just.....WOW

I will download this so i can finally try to create a Naruto Battle MMORPG...
Sounds kinda corny huh?

well a gamer can only dream....

But yeah it does have that 2.5-D feel to it so i may try it out...
Good job is all i can say

Well i would download it but my computer is Win98 so it sucks...

DEMO LINK FIXED "Fatal Fantasy"

Not a bad game for a rookie... :D
Just so others know I'm one of the 2 new beta-testers...

Ok Jparker like i said in the pm I only found 5 minor bugs so i'll get those to you when i can
I have them written down...but i'm not at home at the moment...

Oh and thanks again for the spot in the intro...

Finally i'll have something to say...
I helped beta-test one of the best fangames I've ever played...



1)The Chris Sprite is used instead of Williams during the first event with Mayor Boe

2)Spelling Error during 1st meeting with Shayla

3)Wrong form of "to" is used in Chris's dialogue during the tournament
-should be '...too strong...'

4)2nd Mayor Boe event - Guardians is spelled gaurdians...

5)2nd Mayor Boe event - The sprites of William, Chris, and Shayla don't disappear after the event is over...
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