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Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

When I play this time for a couple of minutes straight, I keep getting this error message:

Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred
failed to create bitmap.

It happens time to time when I play this for a long period of time. Did anyone else get this error?

Yeah, the same happened to me several times after I reached "Lisette's world".

The problem occurs when you enter a new area faster than it can load, so in other words, the current solution for this is to walk as you enter a new area. You wanna run still if you get chased, though.

Ciel Nocturne

Hey, I saw your comment on my video,
and I just wanted to say you're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed my playthrough!

At one point in the demo, I walked around exploring a bit since I thought I had to do something else besides getting the key, since Noir didn't say anything about it at first; had to talk to him one more time to activate the event. If you could fix a few things like that, I'm sure this will be one hell of a good game!

Either way, I'm looking forward to see the result :D

- Dare
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