Finally finished my game. Hopefully, it might have a release!
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Help,I just posted the same comment multiple times

While I was just posting a comment, I clicked it a few times before I realized that I posted the same comment multiple times by accident. How do I remove my comments? If I can't, can any of the moderators remove them?

Worst Steam Games Ever?

Recently, I looked on Steam to look at what people said about various games available on Steam. One of them in particular was an Adventure Time game; Explore The Dungeon, and saw that most people that played the game suggested that the game was "Not Recomended" (from 40 out of the 69 reviews in total). Also, some complained that the game was too expensive (about $39.99 US) for a Local Co-Op game. Are there any games on Steam that are really bad in your opinion?

EDIT: Link to the reviews: http://steamcommunity.com/app/243560/reviews/?browsefilter=toprated

Songs That Make You Laugh

Here's one to start off the post:

It has quite a bit of explicit lyrics, but it's pretty funny!

Team Fortress 2

Feel free to talk anything about Team Fortress 2.

Songs That Were #1 Hits In Your Country (From Mid-20th Century to Present Only)

Talk about songs that were #1 hit songs in the country you were born in.

Greetings RMN

Hello RMN, my name is RPGMakerFan98. As my username says, I'm an RPG Maker Fan. How long have I been one? Well, I think since early 2008 or 2009 when I first found out about RPG Maker VX by looking on a website, I can't remember what the site was called, but it wasn't the official RPG Maker website. After I downloaded VX, I thought it was the best video game maker ever. A while later (after using the 30 day trial version), I got the full version of RPG Maker VX in late 2009. I've used VX a lot ever since. Of course, I found the other RPG Makers such as 2003, XP, and 2000. I've bought RPG Maker XP a few months ago via Steam. I also have the Lite version of RPG Maker VX Ace, in case you were wondering if I had Ace. What I would like to do on rpgmaker.net is contribute tutorials for most RPG Makers from 2000 to VX. Eventually, I'll release a game, but I don't know when. I hope to see you guys around!
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