Fatal Promise

What Vey said. I can't past the beginning of the game because the computer asks me for a code I do not know.

Avian Legends

@Max: Painfully clever.

How do you assess the game ...

This game is fantastic.

Do not hesitate to give it a shot.

Your Intro Sucks, Clean Up That Mess

Fantastic article.
I feel like I've learned something.

Hey Gamemakers, Stop Giving Up!

I blame MMORPG addiction over everything.

Philosophy of Treasure Distribution

@Karusuman: But he didn't even say the name.

How to Finish a Game

I also find playing another good amateur game gets me going to work on my own.

It's not a bad way to take a break, either.

RM2k(3) lovers, FIGHT!

Where is your showering praise for my respectable project?
Not to give your ego a stroke or get too far off topic (where I do anyway), I believe you've singlehandedly given me and many other game designers another reason to live.
Personally, it's been a while since I've been in an active RPG Making community (country boy in the big city), so excuse me for being a little rough.
I'm not familiar here and your members are intimidating.

RM2k(3) lovers, FIGHT!

The judgemental attitude is by no means necessary.

At any rate, I am not the creator of TURBU, (Just to bring that 99% to 100%) and am put off by the negative feedback on an otherwise respectable project... Even moreso by the lack of knowledge regarding the project and current Rm2k(3) issues. I do realize I've put this project forth in an unsatisfactory way, but frankly, I simply quoted the creator.

I apologize for stepping into your personal space.

Also, thank you, Kaempfer. You're absolutely right.

RM2k(3) lovers, FIGHT!

Wait, it is hard to find 7 year old software? How bizarre. Coulda sworn they had made a new version by now.

Anyways, applying a patch to RM2k3 doesn't void anything.

My request still stands. Where do I buy it?
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