5 dungeons and 3 towns, ouch! Makes my game look terrible, I don't even have the main components the presents yet! I am sure your game will be fine. Also instead of those fences joining together, you can spam trees. All those old retro games spammed trees. :D


Only a week left! That's like 1,2,3.. a whole 7 days.
This is all I have done so far, basically all you can do is walk around and eat cake but I am slowly getting there.


Perhaps something like this could help
you? http://himeworks.com/2013/07/core-equip-slots/

Also why do you have to change the equips, can it not just be like at
the beginning. Choose your difficulty.
Easy- Golden Hairpiece
Normal- Old Shoe
Hard - Cursed Tiki Mask
I know it would be nice, but it is supposed to be an old game and I doubt they would have that function. XD


I love that you love my horribly draw battlers! Thank you! Also I don't know what fighting a Christmas Tree would be like I didn't give it any skills when I drew it. It would probably blind you with its lights and throw pinecones and ordainments at you? Or it could just smack you, I guess, that might be effective.


That tree looks like the rtp edit I did awhile ago.

Edit: Whoops sry, I double posted. Enjoy this Christmas tree



I think I should give up, I don't even have walls. Maybe if I stack the sprites on top of each other I will have a wall, lol.


What do you mean Kentona like Sfonts?
There are scripts for like transparency and things as well, I believe.

Thanks Craze, I was just being dumb. I did my linework, then traced it with the binary tool, haha. My linework was better but oh well, my game is meant to be funny anyways. I like the Ds grass it looks nice. Also what do you think Smooch should do cause instant death or explosions? XD


Still have no clue what is happening..

Edit: Mad skilled at drawing
Now to wait for all the hate mail. :3


and.. I have no idea where anything is going.

Death and Pastel Colors

Things I noticed.

Your tint at the beginning must have been an "Autorun Event" as it did not play the second I got into the game you should change this to a "Parallel Process." Also because your tint is still on, the picture you showed is also tinted it would be nice if you turned tint off then turned it back on after the picture.

During gameplay you can turn on the lamp and off by going out of the room.

I was confused where to go and only made it into the bathroom as I did not see any other doors to explore.

As a demo I suggest not including all your assets, Rpg maker MV takes out unused assets in the filesize however vx ace does not. For this you can just make a new rpg file and copy your assets from your game and erase unused ones. Many people are put off by the large file size especially if the game is just a demo.

Your character is offset when moved, I suggest using a program like Gimp or Photoshop that actually have a graph, instead of something that does not like Sai.

Your tiles look nice however you might want to fiddle with them a bit more as the character has a hard time moving about, you might have to make them into events for more flexibility.

Have a good day! :)
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