Off the Table

Super cute game! I love the art and the cute sprites! Only problem I had was
capitalizing the color of neon for the quiz. I didn't think I had to capitalize a normal word lol

Other than that, very adorable and relaxing to play~

Thanks for your feedback!! I'm so used to capitalizing element names as human names that I completely forgot that they're not normally capitalized . . . x,( my bad, I hope that didn't cause you too much trouble haha
I'm glad you otherwise enjoyed the game ! thanks for playing ^_^

Off the Table Review

Thank you so much for your review! I'm genuinely honored by your complements (of the art, some of the puzzle mechanics, etc.) to the point where it's a little difficult to formulate a response that conveys how much I appreciate your feedback.

In addition, thank you for the comments on the game's navigability and music! For my next game I will make sure to pay more attention to ease of travel for sure - I admit that the map, even though it was intended to be small - ended up being big enough to make back-and-forth a bit of an ordeal.
As for music, I'm new to making my own tracks, but I'll be sure to practice more so that my next work doesn't encounter problems with repetition.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed playing, and I want to thank you again for taking time out of your day to both play and review Off the Table !!

Off the Table

Looking forward to this still.

Thank you so much for your interest! A download is now up, sorry for the wait!


Cool, I love this aesthetic!

Thank you !! :,D


Woahh, pretty!

I really like that dialogue box.

Aah thank you so much !!
It's inspired by the pokemon heartgold/soulsilver era dialogue boxes to a high degree ^_^

Off the Table

Haha, I love the idea of elements being people. Sounds like it could be handled pretty amazingly. I look forward to seeing how it plays out!

Thanks so much ! If you're really interested in seeing more stuff about it you're welcome to check out me and my friends projects, there's a bit of a community online : D

Since this game is such a small kind of project it's not gonna delve too deep into the chemistry or anything unfortunately, but maybe a future gamedev project of mine will (I'm thinking about working with the RPG mechanics more later, so there's that!)
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