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Text translated up to Great Battle in the South Sea.
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Current status: renaming files so that the game doesn't crash when unzipped in non-Japanese locales or without special tools.

Recently released is the short yuri game The Princess and the Rose Knight.
We're currently look at other potential yuri games to translate at the moment.
Random Dungeon -English ...
English translation of hamusuta's 2011 RPG VX item-centric dungeon crawler.



Random Dungeon -English Version-

Came across a few missing file errors in the lvl 88+ event. I'm playing via bottles on a steam deck so take with a grain of salt.

Thank you for your bug report! No salt needed, those were legit errors. The new version with these fixed is now uploaded.
Please let me know of any further errors.
This is exactly why Zakuzaku Actors is going to be extensively playtested before release and why I'll be getting an English-locale PC for the express purpose of unzipping and testing these files...

The Princess and the Rose Knight

The game crashes in the sewers dungeon (third dungeon) after going down the starcases behind the fake wall in the magic circle room, so it is impossible to progress the story beyond that point. Didn't catch a screenshot, will try to do that later.

EDIT: Well, this is bizarre, I re-extracted the game and it worked (didn't even re-downloaded). I suspect I may have make a mistake and not been in JP locale when first extracting it. BE SURE TO EXTRACT THE GAME IN JP LOCALE.

Thank you for your bug report! To explain what happened, a hidden passage (which looks just like a wall but can be passed through in its event settings) had its graphics named in Japanese, which extracts into a different file name when opened in non-Japanese locale. My goal for this game was to make it so people wouldn't have to extract in Japanese locale, but as a result these things happen. I intend to test all future translations we release on a computer without Japanese locale before posting them (once I get said computer).

It should be fixed now. Hopefully there won't be any more errors.

Random Dungeon -English Version-

I'm now stuck at the Vampire house. I need the code to input at the door but when I read the notebook the game throws a error and crashes out.. It says it's missing an audio file. I have linked it below, LEt me know if you cannot view the image...



So I've fixed it. If you don't feel like downloading the game again, copy the takumi audio file and rename it takumi雪振る街

Random Dungeon -English Version-

If nothing's gone wrong on my end, you need to talk to Shizuna in the community center and select the option to buy the house. Next, defeat the boss in there.
Then (you may need to leave the dungeon and come back or rest at the inn) the person should show up at the community center.
Ahh I actually completed all this.. I just had to walk upto the water's edge again and Ai created the bridge to cross to the other side..
I had another question, I kind of missed sleeping at the Inn in the starting few times I returned from the dungeon so I could not watch these cutscenes. I checked the dream place and some of the portals are not activated. Is there anyway I can get these or are they permanently lost?

So, the way that the inn events work is that they're marked off using switches. This results in a sort of checklist, and they can't be checked off without them occurring. If you stay at the inn enough times (may have to fight monsters in between stays?) you should be able to see the older inn events as long as you don't progress and unlock new ones until you're ready.

If you are still missing some older inn events, it may be because you don't have the item from the earlier dungeon to trigger them. Some items, especially those in the second layer and beyond, are painfully rare. The very rarest items don't have events associated with them, but some in the second-rarest tier such as Datewaru's Poem do.

Another possible event trigger you may have missed is using the field. There's a counter of how many times you give and receive items from Rachel, and it's quite important for progressing the game near the end of part 1.

Random Dungeon -English Version-

Hi, I'm kinda stuck. I can't get past the water at 21F... The girl in the house says I need to defeat the enemy at the ice level in the dungeon and that will trigger someone to appear in the community place I think? But I already defeated that boss (the girl in the blue coat) and even collected the bounty for that.. I still cannot proceed.. Is there something else I need to do as well? Am I doing anything wrong?? Plz help!

If nothing's gone wrong on my end, you need to talk to Shizuna in the community center and select the option to buy the house. Next, defeat the boss in there.
Then (you may need to leave the dungeon and come back or rest at the inn) the person should show up at the community center.

Random Dungeon -English Version-

Got a crash report (postgame spoilers):
I was playing the Back Dungeon fishing minigame when I triggered a "BGM not found" error. It happened at the end of a fishing combo, so I imagine it's the combo-end sound effect. This one is extremely painful since it happens in the dungeon—I lost over an hour of progress, including two boss kills.

Alright! New file uploaded! If you don't feel like downloading it, copy the music file tsuzumi and rename the copy to 鼓

I fixed the bug where that wasn't renamed in the fish minigame and the non-translated text in the chests right before the ominous black dragon fight.

Also, if you want to learn the skill from the Wind of Eternity, the dog in the item shop should sell it. I believe he appears when you upgrade the item storage pouch.

Thank you!

Random Dungeon -English Version-

The two chests beyond the great door are untranslated. I forced it open, if that makes a difference.


Yeah, that's just the recovery powder item. Anything that you're picking up there isn't staying, since you're
reset to the last save whether you win or lose.

I didn't even know you could open those chests. I thought that forcing it open puts you straight to the
final boss for some reason.

I'll fix those if some game-breaking bug pops up, but otherwise it won't be a priority.

The Princess and the Rose Knight


I think I found another resource issue:

And the choices for the dungeons are still in japanese:

Found the bug and hunted through the game for everything else I needed to find.
The problem with the choices for the dungeons is that they're hooked to an added script. When I tried to change them, the game wouldn't work at all. That's the problem with scripts written in Japanese, I guess. If someone with better RPG Maker VX skills knows how I might fix this, then I'd happily give it a try, but until then those dungeons are just in order of when you first went through them, and the newest one is always on the bottom.

The new version is uploading and should be available soon.

The Princess and the Rose Knight

Not sure if this'll work but I'll try posting the image I get.

Alright, what you need to do is copy the file named !hiddenpassage01 and rename the copy as !隠し通路01

I'll be going through the entire game to fix all of these.

Of all things, the tiles to cover the hidden passages got me...

The Princess and the Rose Knight

Game looks really cool but sadly it crashes when I try to go downstairs directly south from where you start the cave section at the beginning, looking like graphics are missing or something.

What does it say exactly?
I'm trying to find the untranslated graphic.
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